Sarajevo Bosnia

In such a short period of time, Sarajevo Bosnia has experienced a complete rebirth. During the 1990s, conflict and war tore apart this region of the Balkans, but today travel to Sarajevo is increasingly popular, as this capital city is listed as one of the most intriguing to explore. This impressive turnaround makes Sarajevo holidays even more enjoyable. The local people have a fresh outlook on life that involves enjoying each day and its simple pleasures, and whether you’re sipping a coffee or perusing the stalls of a bazaar, Sarajevo is sure to have you under its spell.

Most travelers arrive in Sarajevo Bosnia and plan on staying for a day or two. As the friendly, walkable city is discovered, those plans often get changed and the departure postponed and visitors fall in love with the destination. If you’re planning Sarajevo holidays, leave a few extra days in your itinerary in case you experience this infatuation with the city. There are many sides of the city to see, from the mosques, churches, and cathedrals to the stately historic buildings of the Austro-Hungarian era. Similar to the city of Mostar, an old bridge is a highlight, and strolling across the River Miljacka is a simple pleasure.

The capital and largest city of Bosnia, Sarajevo is surrounded by the Dinaric Alps. Notably, people of different religions coexisted here peacefully for some time prior to the conflict in the 1990s, and these different cultural influences can be seen in the buildings, restaurants, and attractions throughout the city. Travel to Sarajevo is continuously getting easier, and tourists have the option to choose air, trains, or buses. Sarajevo has two bus stations, which offer connections to Serbia, Montenegro, and other areas, and a train station with connections to Mostar, Zagreb, and Budapest. ATMs are readily available throughout the city, and a post office is available during regular business hours.

Sarajevo tourism is all about gaining a feel for the city. As the old trams go rattling through the city center, the charm of Sarajevo will come alive. The city is a haven for shoppers, who can endlessly find souvenirs and crafts to purchase. The Bascarsija Bazaar is a fine place for shopping and people-watching, and it's one where the vitality of the city really shines through. Travel to Sarajevo wouldn't be complete without spending an afternoon here and being revitalized with a coffee at one of the nearby cafés. Sarajevo Bosnia is easily explored on foot, and it has a good transport system as well, so you should have little trouble getting around.

Artisans’ workshops display the crafts that have been made in the city for centuries. Sarajevo holidays are filled with exploration: of streets, cultures, cuisine, and crafts. Hotels are easy to come by and affordable. Many travelers describe the city as having an especially welcoming and homely feel, which is perhaps why travelers settle in, unpack their backpacks, and get to know a more intimate side of Sarajevo. While violence is still in the recent past and scars are visible throughout the city, it is fascinating to see how a city picks itself back up, transforms into a thriving destination, and begins to welcome back travelers and expatriates alike.

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