Bulgaria Vacations
Bulgaria Vacations

Bulgaria is drawing travelers thanks to a great combination of sandy beaches, a rich cultural heritage, and developing eco-tourism. Everything from adventure tours to exploring historical cities can be enjoyed during Bulgaria holidays. As one of the most-visited tourist destinations in southeastern Europe, the news about this lively and varied country is spreading beyond Europeans. While travel to Bulgaria has been dominated by Romanians, Greeks, and Germans, people from farther countries such as Italy, Ireland, and the USA are also arriving in steady numbers. Whether you've come for the mountain ski resorts or the charm of the capital city of Sofia, Bulgaria promises a vacation steeped in history and adventure.

Bulgaria holidays often begin in the capital city of Sofia. The largest city in Bulgaria is located in the west of the country, and it is one of the oldest cities in Europe, dating back almost 7,000 years. The ancient history of Bulgaria can be seen throughout the city, which once was ruled by Alexander the Great and was one of the first Roman cities where Christianity was deemed the official religion. The Bulgarian cultural identity flourished from this time through to the Middle Ages, when the Ottomans took over and ruled for almost 500 years. The late nineteenth century saw the restoration of a Bulgarian state, but the influences from this period of Ottoman occupation can still be seen throughout the country today.

Vacations in Bulgaria today have all the modern amenities and services travelers would expect. Since joining the European Union in 2007, Bulgaria has continued to see its economy grow due to tourism and other industries. Gourmet restaurants and nightclubs can be found in many cities, while the country still offers unique rural experiences. This has been one perennially popular trend in travel to Bulgaria, where visitors head for the mountain villages to see what life is really like for modern-day Bulgarians. Besides offering a glimpse of authentic cultural life, the scenery is fantastic. From snow-capped mountains to the Black Sea coast, there is an extreme variety of stunning landscapes in this part of the world.

Bulgaria holidays can be adventurous or relaxing. During the winter, many tourists, especially from Britain, arrive for skiing, while during the summer many Scandinavians arrive to enjoy the sandy beaches. Museums, cultural attractions, and historical monuments lure travelers to the ancient cities, and hidden monasteries remind visitors of the long tradition of religion in this area of the world. For those who are interested in ancient civilizations, travel to Bulgaria can be filled with days spent seeing the relics and artifacts from this time period. The Greeks, Romans, Slavs, and Bulgars have all left artifacts behind that continue to fascinate travelers.

Other important traditions in Bulgaria include music and wine-making. Attending a concert or a wine tasting in this country will connect you far back with Bulgarian history. If you’re visiting the northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula, you won’t be disappointed by its offerings. With awe-inspiring architecture, a blend of cultures, and seven Bulgarian wonders (UNESCO World Heritage Sites of churches, monasteries, and tombs) to explore, this destination has the perfect recipe for a balanced vacation.



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