Bansko is probably the most popular ski resort in Bulgaria. It is a multimillion dollar, modern facility that was recently built in the style of other contemporary ski resorts in the likes of Italy and France. Bansko Ski Area is also notable for offering the longest ski season in the entire country, which generally lasts from the middle of December through the middle of May. The resort is continually undergoing changes and has made very valuable additions in the way of Bansko ski accommodations. New resort-style hotels are being added and there are already a variety of options for lodging onsite. There are also plenty of accommodations in nearby Razlog and the capital city of Sofia is less than 100 miles away. Many people who embark upon a ski vacation in Bulgaria begin their adventure at Bansko. It is not terribly difficult to access from the international airport at Sofia and it is easily the most contemporary and modern resort to be found anywhere in the country.

The Bansko Ski Area enjoys an enviable location near the banks of the Glazane River. The ski runs are located in two different areas where you will find some of the best alpine skiing in southeastern Europe: Chalin Valog and Shiligarnika. These two resort areas tower over 6,000 feet above the city below on the northern face of Mount Pirin. Chalin Valog has a top elevation of 5,249 feet and Shiligarnika has a top elevation that exceeds 8,000 feet. When you add up all of the terrain that comprises where you can ski and snowboard at Bansko, it equals more than 43 square miles. There is a variety of ski runs that will be sure to suit skiers and boarders of all ages and skill levels. This is also one of the resorts in Bulgaria where you will be able to receive expert instruction. There are plenty of multilingual and highly talented instructors that are happy to help ensure that you get to make the most out of your trip to ski Bulgaria with excellent ski lessons. You will also enjoy a terrain park, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, and much more. Ski equipment rental is also available.

Although skiing and snowboarding are the two biggest draws to the Bansko Ski Area, there are other activities and attractions well worth checking out as well. The area around Mt. Pirin is an absolutely breathtaking nature preserve and the whole area is idyllic. There are also plenty of viable Bansko ski accommodations. Where you choose to stay will just depend upon what the needs of your group are. There are apartments, condos, vacation homes, luxury hotels, economy inns, and even one five-star hotel. You can enjoy easy access to the mountain because the majority of the accommodations center around the resort and rely on its business for much of their own business. Several of the most notable hotels in the area include the Kempinski Grand Hotel, the Lucky Bansko Hotel, the Premiere Luxury Mountain Resort Hotel, the Florimont Hotel, and the Villa Roca. Once you have your Bansko ski accommodations taken care of, you can head out to the slopes and find out just how amazing skiing in Bulgaria can be.

If you are in other parts of the country, Mount Vitosha is another ski resort worth looking into in Bulgaria.

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