Bulgaria Hotels

Bulgaria hotels offer affordable prices year-round. Whether you would like to ski in the mountains or secure a cozy room by the beaches, there is an affordable option for you. Travelers whose currency is the euro versus the dollar will find Bulgaria accommodation especially affordable, but Americans and other foreign visitors will also find the prices reasonable, especially compared with other seaside resorts in Europe. At the same latitude and costing a fraction of the price of the South of France, the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria lures travelers to its coast with its affordability and lovely scenery.

If you’re looking for a beach hotel in Bulgaria, Varna is a popular destination. Known as the summer capital of Bulgaria, Varna is the largest seaside location in the country. Home to a variety of cultural and historic attractions, Varna also boasts a seaside promenade and mineral hot springs at the sandy beaches. An affordable beach hotel in Bulgaria can be found here, especially if you make a reservation to stay for more than two or three days. Another popular choice for Bulgaria accommodation in Varna is apartment rentals. With extra space and the ability to cook for yourself, this accommodation choice is growing in popularity, especially with independent travelers.

In the capital city of Sofia, you’ll have a wide choice of Bulgaria hotels. From large, well-known hotel chains such as the Radisson to small, privately-owned hotels, your choice of Bulgaria accommodation in Sofia will be extensive. The transportation system within the city is modern and efficient, with buses, trams, and a developing underground system. This means the location of your hotel isn’t too important, in terms of traveling easily around the city, and budget travelers can find a great deal and still be able to see all of the attractions that the Bulgarian capital has to offer. From cultural events to historic sites, travelers will be surprised by the diversity available in this ancient city.

As one of the oldest cities in Europe, Sofia boasts plenty to explore. Self-catering Bulgaria accommodation is also available in the capital, where you may find yourself in more local and affordable areas of the city; the cobbled streets will transport you back to a different time in history, no matter what hotel you end up booking. If price is an important factor, travelers may want to consider booking a cheap Bulgaria hotel as part of a package tour. Combining transportation, accommodation, and attractions may help to save money when exploring this region of the Balkans.

Bulgaria hotels often offer the chance to sample local food and wine as well. Breakfast can be savory or sweet, from a flaky cheese pastry with onion, leeks, and spinach to a more sugary delicacy, and it's well worth asking the staff at your hotel to point you in the direction of bakeries and restaurants where you can sample fresh cooking. A beach hotel in Bulgaria will also offer glimpses into an authentic way of life. A slower pace of life, delicious salads full of fresh vegetables, and Bulgarian brandy will leave you with a new affection for the Black Sea coast of the Bulgaria.

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