Bulgaria Ski Holidays

Bulgaria ski holidays are widely available at several impressive destinations in this country that people do not always associate with downhill winter alpine sports. Bulgaria is located in southeastern Europe and is flanked by five different countries, including Romania, Greece, and Turkey. Some of the most notable Bulgaria ski resorts include Bansko, Pamporovo, and Borovets. Chepelare and Vitosha are two of the smaller ski resorts in Bulgaria that are still well known and popular.

Bansko is perhaps the most popular of all the places where you can enjoy Bulgaria ski vacations. It is relatively new and, compared to most other resorts in the country, is far more modern and offers a considerable amount of amenities that you do not necessarily find everywhere else, like dining and lodging options nearby, ski equipment rentals, and lessons. The resort is located near the Glazane River less than 100 miles from Sofia and just a couple miles from the nearby town of Razlog. The ski runs are located in two distinct areas at this enviable Bulgaria ski resort: Chalin Valog and Shiligarnika. They are located over 6.2 miles above the town on the northern face of Mt. Pirin. The top elevation at Chalin Valog is 5,249 feet and a whopping 8,200 feet at Shiligarnika. The combined length of the ski runs at Bansko adds up to over 43 miles. You will be able to enjoy amazing downhill skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding, tubing, the Balkans fun park, and much more. Bansko is also famous for offering the longest ski season in the country, generally from the middle of December through the middle of May. You will need to arrange for accommodation off-site, but there are over 40 family hotels, a five star luxury hotel, and a range of other lodging options to suit just about everyone’s budget and desired experience.

Borovets is the largest of all the ski resorts is Bulgaria. It also happens to be the oldest ski resort in the country and offers a lot of distinctive character. It’s top elevation peaks out at around 8,500 feet and is located on the northern slopes of the Rila Mountain. The resort itself is situated at the foot of one of the highest peaks on the Balkan Peninsula, Mt. Moussala. It is located 45 miles from Sofia. There are more than 200 instructors that are fluent in English at this place where people from North America can enjoy relaxing Bulgaria ski holidays. There are a variety of ski runs to suit skiers and boarders of all levels and the ski runs are clearly demarcated with multilingual signs and international markings.

Pamporovo is another of the most popular ski resorts in Bulgaria. It is situated in the Rhodopi Mountain area. It is well known for offering amazing snowfall combined with sunny days to provide an amazing experience for those lucky enough to try out this amazing Bulgaria ski resort. Here, you can enjoy amazing alpine runs, Nordic skiing, multilingual ski and snowboard instruction, rentals, and access to a wide variety of accommodations and dining options in the surrounding areas. Mount Vitosha and Chepelare are the two other destinations well worth looking into for Bulgaria ski holidays.

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