Bulgaria Mountains

The Bulgaria mountains make up a large part of the country, especially the central and southwest regions of the country, and they’re a serious attraction for outdoor enthusiasts who want to hike or ski surrounded by undisturbed natural beauty. Bulgaria is known to travelers for its historical destinations like Sofia and Plovdiv, as well as its excellent beaches along the Black Sea coast, but the mountains are well worth adding to your itinerary. The largest chain of mountains is called Stara Planina, or Balkan Mountains, and runs east to west across all of Bulgaria. This region will provide beautiful scenery as you’re exploring Bulgaria’s monasteries, hot springs, and ski resorts.

The highest mountain in Bulgaria is called Rila—not to be confused by the monastery of the same name—and stretches to a height of nearly 9,800 feet. Some visitors say that this part of the country resembles the Alps, with its glacial lakes and valleys, and outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to this area for hiking and wildlife tours during the warm months. If you’re interested in rock-climbing tours, these are also widely available. An entire trip to Bulgaria could be spent in these mountains. Tourists will find accommodation, restaurants, and any other amenities they need right in the mountains.

Perhaps the most famous Bulgarian mountains are the Stara Planina range. The Balkans stretch from the border with Serbia all the way across the country to the Black Sea Coast. One interesting fact about the mountains is that it also serves as a climatic border in Bulgaria. Much more snow falls on the northern side, than on the southern side. Adventure enthusiasts flock here to take part in extreme sports including mountaineering and climbing. Made up of gorges and mountain-caves, the scenery is a striking place to plan an outdoor vacation. Dozens and dozens of trails have been marked here, making it easier for visitors to navigate. You can also plan a hiking trip that stops at many cultural and historical attractions.

One notable place in Stara Planina is called Lakatnik. It isn’t particularly famous, but it is definitely worth a visit. Lakatnik can easily be reached by train from Sofia, and offers gorgeous scenery. Visitors will undoubtedly wonder about the red and white cliffs that surround the village. These were formed when the Danube River broke through the Balkan Mountains. This village is one of the many places that serve as an excellent home base for hiking tours of the Balkan Mountains. Lakatnik offers accommodation, restaurants, and even local guides for your exploration of the Balkans.

There are other famous mountains in Bulgaria as well, including Mount Vitosha, which is famous for skiing; the Pirin Mountain, which is the second-highest in the country and offers beautiful glacial lakes and hiking trails; the Rhodope Mountains are located in the far southern reaches of the country and are home to fascinating river gorges and caves; and the Sredna Gora Mountains, or Central Highlands, are the main starting point for many tourists looking to hit the hiking trails. As you can see, there are endless options in Bulgaria for exploring the stunning mountains. Whether you want to plan a relaxing hiking vacation or a trip packed with extreme sports, the mountains of Bulgaria will deliver.



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