Pamporovo is one of the many destinations in Bulgaria that may surprise visitors—ski enthusiasts are often surprised to discover that Bulgaria has several appealing options for ski resorts, but this mountainous country hosts major ski competitions every year, including the World Cup for Alpine Skiing. One of the most popular is called Pamporovo. Located in the Rhodope Mountains, this resort is only a short drive away from the historic city of Plovdiv. It would be easy to combine these two attractions into one great vacation. Travelers will a love of the great outdoors might head straight for the mountains to get in the most time on the slopes as possible.

Pamporovo ski holidays are one of the most popular options in southeastern Europe. Not only is the skiing fantastic, but the resort itself is nestled among beautiful pine trees and beautiful views. Skiing and snowboarding, along with a number of bars and restaurants, make this an attractive destination. Another notable quality of Pamporovo is that it is a very family-friendly destination. Whether you’re a beginner of an intermediate skier, this Bulgarian ski resort will be a great match for you.

It is possible to plan Pamporovo ski holidays from mid-December all the way through April. During these months, beautiful snow sets the stage for skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing. While the winter is definitely the most popular time to visit, the summer has also become increasingly attractive. After the snow has melted, beautiful hiking trails are revealed. A number of hotels and bars in the area means that visitors who are planning a hiking trip don’t have to be isolated from nightlife. If you thought the only way to plan a summer trip to Bulgaria was to the beaches along the Black Sea coast, then think again.

Another reason Pamporovo is so popular, especially with families, is the award-winning ski school. While kids are taking their first lesson, parents can head off and enjoy a few runs. There are also five chair-lifts here, ensuring that you don’t have to wait on long lines in between runs. Visitors also like that there are nine hotels to choose from here, with a total of more than 1,500 beds. Bringing together this many ski enthusiasts in one place is sure to result in atmosphere, and Pamporovo will definitely deliver a certain buzz.

When planning Pamporovo ski holidays many travelers are concerned about equipment, especially if they are traveling a great distance to get there and don't want to haul heavy equipment. It is possible to bring your own equipment, or you can rent skis once you arrive at the resort—the choice is completely up to you. Visitors who want to investigate other places to ski in Bulgaria should check out the resort of Borovets, Mount Vitosha, or the Bansko Ski Area. From traveling to Bulgaria in the summer to see the beaches, to winter trips for skiing, there are many reasons to travel to the edge of Europe all throughout the year. Add in the history of places like Sofia and Plovdiv, and the monasteries and hot springs, and might not know where to begin your trip to Bulgaria!

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