Sofia Bulgaria

Sofia Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in southeastern Europe. Bulgaria and the rest of this area of the Balkans is known for its history, which extends back to ancient times, and its strong cultural heritage. Sofia itself is one of the oldest cities in Europe, dating back at least 7,000 years. This history can be seen in the well-preserved town walls of the city, dating back to the seventh century BC, and other ancient structures. Sofia travel is full of interesting historical information and attractions, as it has been home to some important historical events, including being one of the first Roman cities to declare Christianity as the official religion.

Located in the western section of the country, Sofia Bulgaria is surrounded by mountains on all sides. This geographic feature is most likely the main reason the city developed as it did; the mountains protected the area from invading forces. The city can be reached by crossing one of three mountain passes into the valley. Providing both protection and a picturesque backdrop, the surrounding mountains played an important role in the significance of Sofia Bulgaria. Many museums feature information on the development and different stages of the city, and they can be visited during Sofia travel. For instance, the National Historical Museum and National Archaeological Museum are great places to begin understanding its vast history.

There are many other attractions in Sofia that are of interest to travelers. The Boyana Church is a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of the world's largest Eastern Orthodox churches, and the National Art Gallery is housed in a former palace. It would be worth it to book Sofia Bulgaria hotels for at least a week to see everything the city has to offer. The National Palace of Culture is a stunning large building worth visiting while the National Gallery for Foreign Art is housed in the former Royal Printing Office, a beautiful neoclassical building. If you tire of architectural or historical attractions, there is a peaceful zoo to explore, or you can go for a relaxing stroll over the yellow Viennese cobbles in the center of town.

Sofia travel is full of this type of old-world charm. If you choose, this can extend to Sofia Bulgaria hotels as well. While large chain hotels are available in the city, there are also independently-owned choices that match the charm of the cobbled streets. When making reservations, keep your eye out for discounts that can be earned if you stay for longer than two or three days. Many Sofia Bulgaria hotels can be booked securely online or through a travel agent to ensure you have your room ahead of time. Self-catering apartments are also available for rent, and you may find these to be located in more local, price-friendly areas than some of the larger hotels.

Transportation to Sofia is simple. An airport renovation was completed in 2006, and the city is also a major thoroughfare for rail service throughout Europe. If you choose to arrive or depart by bus, this option is also available. Public transit in the city is mostly by bus and tram, while an underground service has been in development for the last decade. It’s almost better to travel above ground though, as through the window of the tram you’ll encounter historical landmarks like the beautiful nineteenth-century houses, medieval monuments, and Byzantine-influenced buildings.

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