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Sofia Bulgaria hotels come in a great variety, which may surprise travelers who don’t expect much of this former Communist state. Many trips to the historically rich country of Bulgaria begin in the capital city of Sofia. There are many other attractions beyond the capital too, including beaches and historic destinations such as Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo. Before you depart the capital to explore the rest of Bulgaria, take the time to peek around Sofia. There are many hotels to choose among during your visit, depending on your price range and preferences, including both brand-name hotels and many independently owned options. Depending on the type of experience you’re seeking, you can narrow down your choices for the best hotels in Sofia.

Some travelers are more comfortable staying in a hotel with a name they recognize. Often this delivers a certain level of service and comfort that they have become accustomed to. Some of these Sofia Bulgaria hotels include the Kempinski Hotel Zografski Sofia, the Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan, and the Radisson SAS Grand Hotel. Beyond familiarity, some visitors choose these hotels for their membership rewards programs. By always staying in a Sheraton or a Radisson, travelers can accumulate points towards a free stay in many hotels across the globe.

Others might think that the best hotels in Sofia are those that offer a distinctive cultural experience. You don’t have to sacrifice quality to choose a non-chain option. For example, one five-star hotel option is the Anel Hotel. Prices are very reasonable, starting around 80 euros a night for a luxury hotel room. There are also many affordable options in Sofia. If you’re looking for a three star hotel, you can expect to pay around 40 euros a night. Some options in this price range include the Budapest Hotel and the Lion Hotel. When booking hotels online, be sure to read reviews from fellow travelers. It is the easiest way to get up to date information on a hotel before making a reservation.

Sofia Bulgaria Hotels can be broken down by a typical hotel-rating star system—one star being the lowest and five stars being the best luxurious options. Options for a five-star hotel include the Grand Hotel Sofia and the Hilton Hotel, but there are many more choices in the four-star category, including Art’otel Hotel, Casa Boyana Boutique Hotel, and Les Fleurs Hotel (pictured). Many frequent visitors find these four star options to be the best hotels in Sofia. They offer great value for money and quality locations too. Some more four star options include Gloria Palace Hotel, Vitosha Park Hotel, and Salt Palace Hotel.

If you’re traveling to Sofia on a budget, you’re in luck. There are many affordable hotels here that can help you to stretch your budget. Some more three star options include Aris Hotel and Brod Hotel. Travelers looking for options in the two-star and one-star range should check out Harmony Levski Hotel and Pliska Hotel. Those travelers who are planning on venturing down to the beaches and don’t have a reservation in advance might ask for a recommendation for Bulgaria beach hotels at their Sofia hotel. You might also receive suggestions for ski resorts and spa hotels, or things to see along the Black Sea Coast in Varna.

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