Bulgaria Vacations

Once Bulgaria vacations are on your travel radar, you are sure to discover an endless list of options for things to see in this beautiful country. Outdoor enthusiasts will be drawn to the mountains for hiking and climbing, those that love the ski season will want to visit resorts during winter, and history buffs will be charmed by ancient cities and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This country, right on the border of where East meets West, has its own fascinating culture and history. From the beaches of the Black Sea Coast to the capital city of Sofia, there are endless reasons to plan Bulgaria holidays.

Perhaps a good place to begin planning Bulgaria vacations is with the cities. Most visitors will start their trip in Sofia, but other notable destinations include the historic cities of Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo. Some people prefer to go directly to the Black Sea coast to work on their tan or enjoy local water sports. There are several resorts along the coast here, but two of the most popular are the Sunny Beach resort and the Golden Sands resort. There are a variety of beach hotels here to satisfy any budget or desire. Upon arrival, you can choose between relaxing in the golden sand or parasailing and windsurfing.

Away from the beaches, history is an attractive feature in Bulgaria. Some of the best historical sites are monasteries, including the Rila Monastery and the Bachkovo Monastery. These sites are important because they helped to preserve Bulgarian culture during centuries of foreign rule. They are also significant from an artistic point of view. There are many well-preserved wall paintings in these monasteries. Some monasteries even offer their own museums where artifacts from various points in history are displayed.

Other travelers are drawn to Bulgaria purely for outdoor adventure. The local mountains are ideal for hiking, exploring glacial lakes, and even skiing during the winter season. If you want to hit the slopes, some of the best places for Bulgaria holidays include Mount Vitosha, Borovets, and Pamporovo. Another great destination in the mountains is the hot springs in Velingrad. If you’re looking to plan relaxing Bulgaria vacations, the medicinal waters of these hot springs will definitely do the trick. There are also some great daytrips you can plan from this part of Bulgaria.

From extreme sports to extreme relaxation, all types of travelers plan Bulgaria holidays. The country experiences four distinct seasons with snow in the winter and warm temperatures in the summer. This means that weather you want to plan a beach trip or a ski getaway, Bulgaria should be on your wish list. A great place to begin your planning is to consult a map of Bulgaria, and get a general idea of the locations of destinations you would like to visit. From there, you can look into booking Sofia hotels, beach hotels, or hotels in ski resorts. After the basic arrangements are taken care of, the fun planning can begin. From mountain climbing lessons to tasting Bulgarian wine, there are many pleasures waiting for you in this country.



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