Varna Bulgaria

Varna is known as the sea capital of Bulgaria. Located along the Black Sea coast, Varna Bulgaria is a popular destination for sun-seeking tourists. Many visitors travel to Varna Bulgaria for the beaches and are surprised by the baroque architecture and shady promenades. A colony was founded by the Greeks here in 585 BC, and at this time the city was put on the map as both an important port and a holiday destination. Offering a great combination of a buzzing cosmopolitan atmosphere and a sleepy seaside town, Varna Bulgaria delights travelers of every nationality.

Beaches in Bulgaria are popular for their consistent sunshine and warm temperatures. The hottest month of the year here is August, with temperatures easily reaching above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Other popular coastal resorts are close by including Golden Sands, Albena, and St Constantine & Helena. Located in the Bay of Varna, the city sinks into a deep valley and is surrounded by vineyards and groves. Located at the same latitude as the famous seaside resorts of the South of France, these beaches in Bulgaria are growing in popularity for both travelers and as an affordable place for retirement.

Travel to Varna Bulgaria includes more than beautiful sandy beaches, and there are many historical attractions that make Varna holidays memorable as well. The Varna Cathedral was completed in the late nineteenth century and has shining golden domes on the top of the structure. You can climb to the top of the bell tower for great views of Varna Bulgaria, but keep in mind that there is no elevator—you must take the winding, spiral staircase. For visitors with an interest in wildlife, there is a dolphin show in Varna that showcases the intelligence of these beautiful mammals, and for history buffs, a trip to the ruins of the Roman baths is sure to impress.

Some people travel to Varna Bulgaria to attend festivals, conferences, and other events. With a world-class festival center, large conferences have the best in modern-day technology at their fingertips. The complex has seating halls capable of seating 250 to 1,000 people. With hotels, restaurants, and the beach nearby, this is an ideal location for a business meeting or cultural festival. There is an international art festival every summer, an international ballet competition, and a jazz festival. Fresh local cuisine can be enjoyed before a night out on the town, and stylish nightclubs, bars, and pubs are all on offer, with especially great atmosphere in the summer.

The beaches in Bulgaria have been especially popular with Scandinavians and are a growing draw for travelers from elsewhere in the world as well. Also called the summer capital of Bulgaria, Varna draws both Bulgarians and international tourists to its shore. Visitors may be surprised by the ancient Roman relics that coexist with modern buildings in the center of the city, and the Varna Archeological Museum hosts many of these artifacts as well. Despite all of this history, visitors still might say that the beautiful seaside promenade and beaches with mineral hot springs are the highlight of visiting Varna. A romantic, festive, and international city, Varna is a great destination for travelers any time of the year.

Varna Bulgaria


Varna is known as the sea capital of Bulgaria. Located along the Black Sea co...

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