Croatia, a moon-shaped country divided into sections known as the Adriatic Coast, Northern and Central areas, is a distinct sight on the European map. Zagreb remains as the capital, and the busiest and largest of all the cities in Croatia. With Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzogovina all surrounding Croatia tourism takes on a whole new meaning. Travel between countries is quick and easy and offers a chance to see and experience a number of beautiful places and distinct cultures. The close proximity to a number of other desirable destinations is one reason Croatia tours are extremely popular but it’s the beauty of the country itself that is the biggest appeal.

From April through September Croatia travel is extremely popular. Those enjoying Croatia holidays at this time of year will benefit from warm, sunny skies though in Croatia beaches at this time of year aren’t the best for swimming as the water is cold. This season also sees prices drop for all tourist amenities including wonderfully cheap prices for hotels and villas. As the end of May approaches and swings into June, hordes of school kids and their families also enjoy Croatia holidays throughout the country so be aware that the coast can be swarming with people.

In Croatia travel tends to be most expensive around the late summer months, just as it is in many countries bearing four distinct seasons. There are both advantages and disadvantages to Croatia tours at this time of year. In Croatia beaches are best visited ain the summer months when the water is warmer and you’re pretty much guaranteed sublime weather. There are also plenty more boats operating to accommodate the influx in Croatia tourism, which means there are plenty more choices for travel times when island hopping. Once the kids are back in school, the crowds disperse and you’re left with still-gorgeous weather and much cheaper rates.

Those chasing the sun should be know that Hvar, Split, Vela Luka and Dubrovnik get the most hours of sunshine. These cities and towns are the best places to enjoy Croatia beaches like Lokrum, Palmizana , Lopud, Baska and Zlatni Rat. On Rab Island the small village of Lopar is a hit with tourists for its sweeping peninsula brimming with numerous smaller bays and more then twenty wonderful sandy Croatia beaches. One of the best beaches, called Paradise Beach, is found in Lopar . The beach is blanketed by golden sand and stretches more than a mile along the bay’s shore. If you’re planning on frequenting the beaches note that there are a number that are naturist, or nude beaches where many free-spirited Europeans tend to spend time during Croatia holidays.

Mljet island is one of the most popular attractions and a must-see during any Croatia travel. This stunning Adriatic island blesses with a number of picturesque villages, vibrant vineyards, colorful fields and dense forest. On the western side is Mljet National Park featuring two saltwater lakes and numerous private coves and caverns. Croatia tours most often leave from Korc and Dubrovnik.

Split is the considered the central core of Dalmatia. Just over 90 miles north of Dubrovnik, it’s the biggest of all cities found along the Adriatic coastline. Sitting in the southern part of Croatia, the town is one of the oldest and most fascinating to visit. It’s also ideal for a number of outdoor, water-based sports like jet skiing, sailing and windsurfing. Diocletian's Palace is one of the main attractions as is "People's Square," the Ethnographic museum and the effigy of Gregory of Nin.

The Dalmatian coastline is still the most important and appealing feature that keeps Croatia tourism humming. Rocky bluffs, sparkling inlets and extensive peninsulas not only create magnificent views but also a fantastic place to explore and discover. With the number and variety of hotels on the rise, plenty of seaside restaurants and bars and many things to do daytime and in the evening, Croatia is enjoying a flourishing revival in tourism and a reputation as a hot spot full of history, excitement and plenty of places to sit back and take life as it comes.

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