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There are a number of different ways to get into the country, but if you fly to Croatia, several options are available in the way of airports for Croatia flights; larger cities, including Dubrovnik and Zagreb, hold precedence, so you're most likely to be arriving in one of these cities. Cheap airfare to Croatia can be found on travel search engines and by booking well in advance. Many of the flights to Croatia originate from other European destinations; direct flights are offered from London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and several other locations on the continent. Cheap Zagreb flights are often available from these hubs, and travelers can create custom itineraries to ensure a cheaper fare.

Dubrovnik is the No. 1 tourist destination in Croatia; the Dubrovnik airport serves sixteen airlines with two daily connections to London. However, Croatia flights through the airport in this city can prove to be quite expensive, so arriving by air might not be the best route if you're traveling on a budget. Alternatively, travelers can book passage to a major European city with a direct flight to Croatia; cheaper tickets are more readily available to bigger cities, and it may save a bit of money to reserve these flights separately, to a European destination and then another to Croatia.

Flights to Zagreb are often more reasonable than those to Dubrovnik, as it is somewhat less popular as a destination and as the capital city, boasts a much larger airport. Visitors can fly to Croatia and then take other transportation, such as a bus or train. to their final destination. An advantage of booking flights to Zagreb is undoubtedly the cheaper airfare, but in addition, adventurous travelers can book a rental car and tour the country on the way to their destination. If you simply must fly, Dubrovnik serves flights to Zagreb four times a day, as well as those entering from Zagreb, which can also prove to be cost-effective, as domestic flights are quite inexpensive.

Off-season tickets for Croatia flights are fairly inexpensive for obvious reasons, but off-season travel to Croatia requires particular attention to detail. Visitors planning to visit during off-peak months should be prepared for the activities that will be appropriate for that time of year; for instance, instead of swimming and sunbathing at the beach, October tourists might be hiking and mountain biking. Furthermore, accommodations during off-season months are much cheaper, but the availability is lower in certain areas during certain times of the year; inland lodgings often close their doors during the peak summer months due to the lack of business to be had while most visitors flock to the shores.

Whether you choose to book a flight to a European hub and then travel by train or automobile, tour the countryside on your way to destination or fly to Croatia directly, research your options and be aware of seasonal travel pros and cons. Croatia vacations are voted to be among the top choice destinations, and it is no wonder that the alluring surroundings attract thousands of visitors every year. Traversing the winding coastal roads of the islands and spotting the gorgeous blue waters in the summer, hiking through the warmth of the shady forest in the cooler months, or unwinding on the sandy white beaches and watching the waves crash, every traveler will enjoy a vacation in Croatia.

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