Croatia Airports

The number of Croatia airports make arrival to this historic country a breeze. Development in recent decades has seen the modernization of facilities, especially Dubrovnik airport. If you wish to visit the "jewel of the Adriatic," there are different transportation choices to arrive at the far end of the Dalmatian Coast. Whether you arrive by boat from the neighboring islands or by air to Dubrovnik airport, the rocky coastline and famous azure waters will leave you asking yourself why you waited so long to visit Croatia.

Some international flights land in the capital of Croatia, at the Zagreb airport. Many travelers begin their journey of the country inland and work their way toward the coast via trains, buses, or rental cars. Just under ten miles from the center of the city, the Zagreb airport makes a visit to the capital an accessible beginning to your Croatia vacation. Known for its architectural beauty, Zagreb often surprises visitors who have heard more about the beaches and islands of the country than its capital.

Slightly further from the center of its city, the Dubrovnik airport is twenty miles outside of town. However, it is a beautiful drive along the sea to reach the old walled city of Dubrovnik, and many hotels and B&Bs arrange transportation and will even stop for photographs along the journey. Some visitors don’t even stop at Croatia airports at all, as the port city of Dubrovnik is a popular destination for cruises. But if you do choose to arrive at one of the airports in Croatia, you have eight major options.

Croatia airports include options in Split, Zadar, Rijeka, Osijek, Pula, and the island of Brac. The island is also accessible by a ferry from Split, the beautiful coastal town known for Diocletian's Palace. Many visitors travel to Brac for picturesque (though sometimes rocky) beaches including the famous Zlatni Rat, friendly people, and fresh cuisine. Split is the end of the train line, and while buses and ferries are available between Split and Dubrovnik, travelers should make these travel arrangements beforehand to ensure an uninterrupted journey.

As with all international travel, at the Croatia airports you can expect to have your passport inspected and pass through security. Large duty-free shops are available at the Dubrovnik airport and the Zagreb airport. Be sure to arrive early to these airports as the lines at security can be lengthy during peak times. Language usually isn’t a problem at airports in Croatia, as English is spoken very well by most employees. Even at the end of a long trip, don't fall asleep too quickly after you take off, or you’ll miss a bird's-eye view of a beautiful coastline that many travel thousands of miles to see.



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