Croatia Attractions

Tourist attractions in Croatia are numerous to the point that visitors will find an abundance of things to do wherever they choose to go on their vacation in Croatia. With all there is to do, it is more than enough to fill a vacation, but there are a few must-sees that every tourist should consider for their itinerary. The top destinations and Croatia attractions are among the most beautiful experiences that every visitor should include on their journey through the countryside and across the islands.

Croatia sightseeing is one of the biggest attractions during a vacation to this lovely Adriatic country. Alstadt is a historic town, revealing architectural beauties of the past. Stop at Gradska zidine in Dubrovnik for a magnificent view of the ocean. Once home to the gore of gladiator battles, the Roman amphitheater in Pula is now a beautiful piece of architecture, home to music, dance, and festivals, where visitors will find a satisfying mixture of Croatia sightseeing and entertainment, and Diocletian's Palace in Split offers a rich tour of Croatian history.

Beaches, waterfalls, and national parks are among the top natural tourist attractions in Croatia. Plitvice Lakes National Park is a protected reserve brimming over with lovely wildlife, verdant forests, and undulating waters, crashing and tearing into the limestone, creating the gorgeous lakes and waterfalls sparkling in the summer sun; the Plitvice waterfalls are a spectacular sight and certainly not something to be missed. Brela beach is among the top Croatia attractions, known for its beautiful white pebble coves and pine forests; visitors can rent villas and apartments in town and engage in an abundance of water activities, including diving and kayaking, during their stay in this prize beach in Croatia.

Accommodations are abundant, but very few of these are Croatia attractions. The Kastel boardinghouse is an ancient building sitting at the center of Kastelir, near the church; peaceful evenings are spent amid the stone walls so meticulously restored to their former beauty. A restaurant resides in the basement, where guests can find conventional Istrian fare. Visitors to this boarding house will enjoy an authentic Croatian experience.

Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, the city of Dubrovnik is a humming tourist attraction, offering tons of activities and plenty of opportunities for all sorts of Croatia sightseeing. With a long history of establishment and rulers, visitors will be able to step into ancient times and still enjoy the comfort of today’s modern facilities and entertainment. Tour the historical old town or watch the waves crash into the rocky outcroppings from this lovely city with so much to offer travelers. Outstanding geological formations and breathtaking vistas are all part of the package during a stay in Dubrovnik.

Croatia possesses an appealing charm throughout the seasons, and in addition to the wonderful tourist attractions in Croatia, visitors will enjoy a fine mix of modernity and tradition during their vacation in this magnificent country. With so many things to do in Croatia, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what to include on any one vacation itinerary, so it is important to know what to expect from research. Exquisite pebble coves, winding coastlines, and picturesque islands, Croatia has appealing attractions for everyone, whatever your travel desires may be.



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