Croatia Bed and Breakfasts

Staying at Croatia bed and breakfasts is a great way to learn about the culture of the country when visiting. Families often operate a Croatia B&B, giving travelers the unique opportunity to get to know local people. Many, especially those of the younger generation, speak excellent English and are more than willing to give you insider tips to enhance your stay. Knowledgeable about transportation, local beaches, and restaurants, the owners of a Croatia B&B are a great resource for a unique vacation.

Croatia bed and breakfasts are similar to guesthouses, in that often you will rent a room or small apartment attached to the main house of a family. This may mean sharing a patio or other living space with the family, where breakfast and other meals are enjoyed. Having endured a difficult time in recent history, one of the most interesting parts of staying in an intimate environment is the chance to talk to local people about their struggles. A great deal of Croatia’s economy is now based on tourism, and the options for a great Croatia B&B are plentiful.

If you’re looking for a Dubrovnik bed and breakfast, you have two options in terms of location. Dubrovnik is a walled city along the Adriatic Sea and has a few options for accommodation within the city walls. If you are looking to explore the city extensively, it might be a good option to stay inside; however, keep in mind that these Dubrovnik bed and breakfast options will be more expensive than those outside of the city walls. Immediately outside the walls, there are many more choices. The further you stray from the old town, the more affordable your room will be. The bus system is very handy, and staying in a Dubrovnik bed and breakfast that's just ten minutes from the old town can save you significant amounts of money.

The same concept is true for a B&B in Zagreb. There are many lovely options in the center of the capital city, close to the main square and beautiful architecture. Yet, thanks to an efficient tram system, areas within a ten-minute ride are very accessible. To save money, find yourself in a more local neighborhood (where English might not be spoken in the bakery or café, but the staff will still be friendly), and get to see a different side of Zagreb, it is worth considering staying a bit outside the center of town. As Zagreb is a safe city, visitors don’t have to be concerned about staying out of the town center, though it is always advisable to take normal precautions when out late at night or alone.

Croatia bed and breakfasts have a reputation for charm, individuality, and quality food. Don’t expect anything fancy, just local delicacies washed down with Croatian wine. When making a reservation, ask if your accommodation choice provides transportation from the airport or port. Often, they will arrange to pick up guests and drop them off; if a fee is included, it is still much less than the price of a taxi. Don’t be shy to ask your host for recommendations, as some of the best restaurant gems haven’t made their way into the guidebooks just yet.

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