One of the loveliest experiences you can have while traveling in Croatia is discovering the beauty of the Biokovo Mountains. Biokovo Croatia is a part of the Dinaric Alps; aside from its breathtaking, sweeping scenery, the area boasts a unique combination of both continental and Mediterranean climates. The mountains are consequently a delight to nature-lovers who enjoy the opportunity to encounter many different species of flora and fauna while traveling in here. As the biggest and highest mountain range in Dalmatia, Biokovo is definitely worth visiting.

The Biokovo Nature Park, with its gargantuan caves and deep abysses, is guaranteed to make your time here very interesting. Whether you're mountain biking, hiking, paragliding, or horseback riding, there is plenty of adventure to be had here. For something a little more sedate, meanwhile, the Biokovo Botanical Gardens, located just past the town of Kotisina, are a botanist’s delight, what with their focus on nature conservation and the preservation of plant life native to the Biokovo Mountains.

If you are not into adventure sports or deducing the various species of plants that grow in this mountainous region, then the extremely beautiful scenery that characterizes Biokovo should still make your trip worthwhile. When clear weather blesses these parts, it’s possible to see large swaths of the Dalmatian shoreline to the south, including the islands located off its coast. To the north, meanwhile, views look out over a number of small townships, each as enigmatic and attractive as the next. On exceptionally clear days, it’s even possible to see the distant peak of Mount Gargano in Italy. Biokovo Croatia will afford you these amazing views and more.

St. Jure, also known as St. George, is the highest peak of the Biokovo Mountains—for those who are not keen on trekking or hiking, it’s accessible by car. This great mountain takes its name from an enchanting chapel that’s found near the top of its peak. There is a pilgrimage to St. George every year on the last Saturday in July, and the historical mention of St. George dates as far back as 1646. Whether you’re part of a pilgrimage or not, it’s worth making it to the top of St. George just for the views, which are spectacular.

What with the undisturbed terrain, the more than 1500 plant species that thrive on the mountains, the adventures to be had here, and the views to be enjoyed, Biokovo Croatia offers a truly memorable experience. What’s more, this is a part of the world that is well-equipped with tourist facilities. Croatia is one of Europe’s most popular destinations, with the world of tourism having recently realized its great potential. As such, there are many excellent hotels all over Croatia, and getting to and from Biokovo really need be no trouble at all, thanks to the extensive public transport system and widely available car rental services. Most incoming visitors land in Zagreb, the country’s capital, though you can also find a way in via the southern city of Dubrovnik, and the port city of Split.

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