Croatia Bus Tours

Croatia bus tours provide visitors with a wide-ranging introduction to the country. The improvement of roads and highways in the last decade has allowed for speedy transportation between different areas of the country. Many bus tours in Croatia also give travelers a glimpse of the surrounding countries, including Bosnia and Montenegro.

If you are looking to explore the capital of Zagreb, wander Diocletian's Palace in Split, spend some time on the Dalmatian Coast, and see Dubrovnik, then a bus tour in Croatia may be a great option for you. While Croatia bus tours for large groups are a possibility, more and more intimate bus tours are sprouting up that give small groups a more individual experience.

Recent developments have shown travelers that a bus tour in Croatia doesn’t have to be crowded or impersonal. Excursions can be designed according to the interests of an individual group, and lesser-known sites can be visited with a smaller vehicle. These bus tours in Croatia provide all of the benefits of having a knowledgeable guide, without the hassle of being part of a large group.

From UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Euphrasian Basilica to the smallest historic villages, there is much to explore across Croatia. Tours can also help to keep the cost down, as these packages often include transfers to the airports, arrange quality accommodation on your behalf, and suggest restaurants for the best food in Croatia. A good bus tour guide will provide interesting information and statistics throughout your journey.

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