Croatia Camping

Croatia camping is a great way to see the country affordably. Many travelers choose to see the islands or visit Dubrovnik by setting up camp in Croatia, and while affordable accommodation options can be found, including bed and breakfasts, backpackers and visitors of all ages alike can be seen pitching a tent to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the country. The popularity of Dubrovnik camping has increased in recent years, as prices in the city have risen. Whatever part of the country you decide to visit when camping, you’ll be so interested in the history, architecture, and beautiful beaches that you won’t spend much time at the campsite.

Camping in Croatia brings you as close to the environment of the country as possible. For this reason, it is wise to have proper camping gear and properly dispose of all trash to avoid unwanted wildlife guests. Research ahead of time is necessary as well, as the best campsites, especially near Dubrovnik, fill quickly. Don’t expect to camp in the inner part of the country, sometimes called continental Croatia, as many camping options aren’t available yet. For a visit to Zagreb, it is advisable to book accommodation at a bed and breakfast or hostel.

If your Croatia camping plans include the islands, the Dalmatian coast, or Dubrovnik, then options are available to you. Many of these choices are located with a sea view, taking advantage of the natural beauty of the coastline. With a welcoming terrain and warm weather, Croatia camping is a popular activity for natives as well as travelers. During the summer months, when schoolchildren are on vacation, the greatest number of campers is seen. It is wise to make a reservation ahead of time during this peak period. Dubrovnik camping especially is busy at this time of year, as it is possible to enjoy both the warm weather and the offerings of the majestic city.

If you want to camp in Croatia, you’ll often find that the sites are run by individual families. They are often set up on the family's land and can accommodate a small number of guests at a time. While facilities are often limited at these small sites, they are also adequate for small groups. If your idea of setting up camp in Croatia involves something larger, you may want to seek out the larger state-run camps, that besides basic cooking facilities also have access to more toilets, showers, and washing facilities. Some of these larger coastal sites even have supermarkets, cafés, or pizzerias as part of the site. Able to accommodate hundreds of people, these sites can often be a bit noisy.

Dubrovnik camping can help keep the cost of food down during a Croatia vacation by allowing you to prepare your own meals on provided barbecues. Be sure to cook only in designated areas, and do not build a fire without permission. Local supermarkets are affordable and can cater to preparing a meal over a barbeque. Many fishing tours are available around Dubrovnik as well and offer the chance to cook your own catch after a day spent on the Adriatic Sea.

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