Croatia Car Rentals

Planning a vacation requires detailed research and considering many factors, and more than likely, preparations for travel arrangements in Croatia will include a deliberation on Croatia car rentals. Like many accommodations, travelers will do well to prearrange booking a Croatia car hire before travel to guarantee availability, and driving during peak seasons can be quite a challenge.

However, having the freedom to traipse about the country without the hassle of public transportation is an added bonus of rental cars in Croatia, but tourists should remember that rules and regulations of driving in Croatia apply to everyone and are strictly enforced. Croatia car rentals are available in several of the larger cities; Dubrovnik car rental and rentals from nearby Trieste, Italy, which is a common entryway to Croatia, are among the most popular.

Inexpensive accommodations are more easily to find in the less populated areas, some which are reachable only by car. Visitors who get a Croatia car hire will be able to access the entire country without the restrictions of public transportation, but on the other hand, they should also be aware of gas prices and that motorways require a toll tax. The Croatia Season in July and August presents an astounding influx of travelers and traffic, which can rapidly become more of an inconvenience than a vacation, unless, of course, traffic is your picnic.

Coastal roads can be exhilarating, charming, and threatening, all at the same time; exhilarating for the adventure, charming for the picturesque scenery, and threatening at the perilous speed with which many locals take the pinpoint curves. Travelers should mind their Ps and Qs accordingly and drive cautiously to fully enjoy a wonderful Croatia vacation.

Many of the larger cities in and around Croatia are jumping off points for visitors who arrive by plane. A Dubrovnik car rental may very well prove to be advantageous, as it is near the airport, and travelers can avoid the stress of arranging for travel to and from the Croatia car hire and airport. Booking a Zagreb rental car is another strategic move, considering that a major motorway runs between Zagreb and Split, one of the major coastal tourist hubs in Croatia and home to historic attractions including Diocletian's Palace.

Whichever Croatia car rentals tourists choose to book, it is imperative to first, know the regulations of the road. United States travelers may use a regular U. S. driver’s license for up to three months without need of a visa and up to twelve months with an extended tourist visa or a permit for permanent residency. Seat belts are required, and cell phone usage is prohibited, except with hands-free devices, and remember that there is a zero-tolerance policy for drinking and driving.

Cars travel on the right-hand side of the road; there are no right turns on red lights, and in case you should happen upon an unmarked intersection, precedence goes to the car on the right. Another tip that may prove to be useful for driving in Croatia is that many truck drivers flash their hazard lights to signal that it is safe to pass.

Whether you choose to book a Trieste, Zagreb, or Dubrovnik car rental, be sure to book in advance, and make plenty of stops along the way to enjoy the magnificent scenery and attractions in Croatia. You're certain to enjoy the opportunity for a leisurely vacation along the Adriatic that having your own set of wheels provides.

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