Croatia Cruises

Croatia cruises provide endless perspectives on the lengthy coastline of the country. Whether for a day expedition or a longer journey, the many faces of beauty the country has to offer are best seen from a boat. Ecological diversity is best discovered on a cruise in Croatia, where the various flora and fauna can be seen in their natural habitat. From dawn until dusk, the bright sun will play on the water, the marble of Split, and the white beaches. Whether you are looking to splurge on cruising Croatia or just get out on the sea for a few hours, there are many options available.

A Dubrovnik cruise completes your visit to the walled city. While a walk along the walls provides interesting perspectives of the city from above, many think the city is at its most beautiful when seen from the Adriatic Sea. If you wander into the port, there are many options available for a Dubrovnik cruise. Often including visits to neighboring islands and beaches, these half-day or full-day choices are offered on a variety of boats. A lunch of fresh grilled fish and cold Croatian wine is often served aboard during a voyage.

Dubrovnik is also a popular destination for the larger cruise lines. Usually in port for a day or at least an afternoon, travelers have the opportunity to explore the old town and grab a meal. This means that sometimes during the day Old Town can be quite crowded while the boat is docked, but as such a small historic city, it is very possible to explore Dubrovnik from one end to the other in an afternoon. For many visitors who are touring the Adriatic, their favorite stop is this beautiful city.

Some cruise ships also stop in the coastal town of Split. Known for Diocletian's Palace, Split is built around the ruins of a Roman emperor's palatial structure. If you’re staying in the town for a few days, a Split cruise could include visits to the neighboring islands. The island of Brac and its famous beach, Zlatni Rat, are just a day trip away from Split. Or if water activities are more in your interest, there are many options for fishing, sailing, and windsurfing along the coastline. Croatia cruises may vary in size or destination, but they all offer the warm Croatian breezes and smooth waters of the Adriatic.

Cruising Croatia by private yacht or charter is an expensive but popular option. This intimate way to see the coastline allows maximum flexibility for travelers. A private Dubrovnik cruise can be taken at your own pace, with others worrying about the specifics of navigation. Some visitors think that traveling on a ferry will provide the same experience, and though you are on the water, the large ferries don’t offer the same connection to the culture and landscape that Croatia cruises provide. Getting out on the water and cruising Croatia is an essential aspect to any visit to this breathtaking country.

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