Croatia Events

Travelers who visit this part of the Mediterranean will find that Croatia events are constantly occurring; there are numerous things to do throughout the entire year. From family fun to arts and crafts to unusual sporting events, or perhaps even a bit of classical music at a Croatia festival, there is something for everyone. Among the most popular are the events in Dubrovnik, but while not quite as prevalent, Zagreb festivals are unique and just as entertaining. Whenever you plan to visit, be sure to include a charming day at a Croatia festival on your itinerary; it will add a magical touch to an already fabulous vacation.

From January to December, from events in Dubrovnik to Zagreb festivals, the events here are abundant and full of excitement. The residents of Croatia seem to take advantage of every opportunity to celebrate a beautiful life, and while there is such a wealth of festivities, making it difficult to name every one of them, there are a few notable celebrations and places to be during the merriment. New Year’s Eve is a great place to begin, as it marks the beginning of a New Year, a new life, a fresh start; if you're visiting at this time of year, it's worth noting that Stradun in Dubrovnik is one of the best places to be in Croatia for the New Year’s celebrations.

Because celebrations were formerly forbidden in Yugoslavia, the Catholic community of Croatia now rejoices with great spectacles, including the Carnival, which marks the beginning of Lent and occurs in February or early March. The best Carnival celebrations are said to be in Rijeka, the country's principal seaport, but be sure to reserve your stay well in advance for this one. As the weather warms up in April and May and crowds head toward the shore, the festivals are moving in the same direction, with the Croatia Boat Festival and the International Flower Festival in Split.

Dancing, spice, and smiling children are definitely in order to accompany the beginning of summer; Zagreb hosts the Dance Week Festival, while the Summer Salsa Festival brings a bit of zest to the small fishing village of Rovinj, and the International Children’s Festival in Sibenik boasts plenty of fun and excitement for the young of every age. Of course, many recognizes Christmas Day as one of reverence and celebration, but Croatians celebrate a day that marks the beginning of the season, St. Nicholas Day on December 6, when stockings are hung and the Christmas season begins.

While each season has its own special festivals and Croatia events, summer boasts the great festivals that take place in July in all parts of the country, including Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Pula, and Split. Each of them features a set of foreign and local musicians and dancing; events in Dubrovnik during this summer festival last for the entire month of July, making this a particularly lovely time for a Croatia vacation.

With a great deal of varied Croatia events to choose from during your trip, you can be sure that every one of them are worthy of note. Before booking, it would be wise to scan the lists of events that will be taking place during your visit to ensure a great time with no stress. Croatia festivals and events are a great way to meet the people and learn about the traditions and history of Croatia as well.

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