Croatia Island Hotels

Croatia is surrounded by azure waters and beautiful islands that played a very important role during the empirical reigns and struggles for power throughout the country's history. Excursions and tours of the islands are available from several ports along the coast, and as island-hopping is a popular activity for a vacation in Croatia, tourists often stay at the Croatia island hotels for several days before returning to the mainland. Hvar, Brac, and Krk make up a popular trio of destination islands for travelers. Travelers will find a great deal of variety of accommodations on the Croatia satellites from luxury island hotels in Brac to the grand Palace on Hvar.

Hvar is among the most beautiful islands in the world and one of the best places to find luxury Croatia island hotels, attracting visitors from every corner of the planet. With the magnificence of nature to compete with, Hvar Island hotels have a reputation to match. Numerous lavish hotels dot the landscape, and they create a lovely ambience that can be thoroughly enjoyed, day or night. Luxury Hvar Island hotels and resorts, such as Suncani, make up the majority of the accommodations here, but there are several options that are well within a strict budget. The oldest hotel on the island was built in the gothic style and is simply known as The Palace.

Tucked into a remote inlet is Sirena, an ideal place to kick back and relax in the island breezes with the most beautiful view at your fingertips. Riva is one of the Hvar Island hotels that is among the smaller accommodations, but its luxury is not of little stature. Many of the Suncani hotels offer special packages, including island-hoping excursions aboard a luxurious yacht or sailboat, romance and spa treatments, family fun, wine-lovers’ package, and even a special treat for your pets. One of the smaller, more down to earth lodgings is the Hotel Podstine (pictured), which offers intimate luxury to its guests.

Island hotels in Brac are mainly located in and around Bol and Supetar; these also are predominantly luxury hotels. In Supetar, Vila Bracka Perla is a modern luxury hotel, and Centar Marijan in Bol is a quaint six-room hotel that is rich with the ambience of the Adriatic. Several affordable accommodations can also be found in different places of the island, and these can quite often enhance the island experience, particularly if you choose private lodging. This type of accommodation is offered in the bigger cities as well as the small villages, where visitors will have a great opportunity to meet the real people of Croatia. Travelers looking for hostels, island hotels in Brac, and private lodgings can often find useful search engines that list the best rated and descriptions of these accommodations.

Developed mainly for tourism, Krk is a great place for a typical vacation. If you are looking for an island hotel in Krk, you are in luck; tons of hotels line the coast. Like many islands in Croatia, Krk is a great destination for visitors who want to enjoy the island culture and water-based activities such as kayaking and diving while still spending time on the mainland; Krk is located close to the coast and near the cities of Opatija and Rijeka.

Whether you book Croatia island hotels or you prefer to stay on the mainland, plan an excursion to the islands as part of your itinerary. There are numerous ways to travel between destinations, and you can stay on almost any of the islands and enjoy the precious blue waters and cool salty sea air as you take a romantic walk along the coast, charter a sailboat, or even hike across the island on foot.

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