Croatia Kayaking

Croatia kayaking gives the adventurous traveler an opportunity to see many undiscovered faces of the country and creates an unforgettable vacation. Travel to wherever your fancy takes you in your own personal kayak, or take a tour and let the experts show you the best of sea kayaking in Croatia. The crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic are the perfect place for your next kayaking adventure. For those who aren’t interested in scuba diving and prefer to stay above water, Croatia kayaking could be your water sport of choice.

Seeing the beaches and islands of Croatia from a kayak gives a new perspective on the beauty of the country. The small kayak gives visitors the opportunity to explore small, sparsely populated islands, and because the archipelago has more than 1,000 islands, there are many of these islands to explore. Croatia kayak tours remove all the hassle from planning a kayak adventure and leave the details to the experts. Guides also provide extra safety for those who have concerns or are inexperienced on the sea, and they can provide interesting information about all that visitors will see on the tour.

Among other sights, sea kayaking in Croatia provides a priceless view of the medieval walled city of Dubrovnik. The view from the sea is one of the most beautiful, and too many visitors travel to Dubrovnik and don’t see this perspective. Croatia kayak tours often include paddling around the city. With islands nearby, there are plenty of opportunities for an afternoon of fun. Don’t hesitate to ask your guide for a break for sunbathing on one of the island’s beaches, and cool off from your hard work with a swim in the Adriatic.

Croatia kayak tours can be arranged in varying lengths, from a couple of hours to an entire week of exploring the islands. The changing topography of the country means that visitors won’t get bored during Croatia kayaking, no matter how long the trip is, and special requests can be accommodated by your tour guide. Just one of the many water sports available on the islands of Croatia, many visitors also choose to windsurf or water ski. Your next vacation is a great time to take lessons for a new water activity, such as the popular kite surfing.

Sea kayaking in Croatia grants access to secluded bays and grottoes that can only be reached by a small boat. In these places beautiful fish and coral can be seen while kayaking. One of the benefits of booking a tour as opposed to renting a kayak for the day is access to these little known areas. However you decide to explore Croatia, by sea, train or rental car, this historical and culturally rich country entices many visitors to return.

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