Korcula Croatia is touted as one of the greenest and most instantly alluring islands in the Adriatic. This popular travel destination has a history that spans centuries; records show that ancient Greek settlers first inhabited Korcula Croatia in the twelfth century BC. Today, Korcula Croatia is an island that boasts a wonderful mix of natural beauty—Korcula beaches are particularly noteworthy—and cultural heritage. As such, it’s a good spot to include on your itinerary whether you’re traveling alone, with a partner, in a family, or with a group of friends.

The main town to be found on the island of Korcula is simply named Korcula Town. This quintessential Dalmatian city is composed of round towers and red-roofed homes; like so many towns found along the Croatian coast, Korcula Town is eminently attractive, making for great casual exploration.

The town doesn’t offer a wide array of tourist attractions—but then that’s part of its appeal. This is a charming, living township that welcomes people into its relaxing pace of life without bombarding them with things to do and places to go. If you do want more typical tourist pleasures, however, it’s worth visiting the birthplace of Marco Polo, as it is said his illustrious life began in the humble surroundings of Korcula Town.

The island of Korcula has a cultural tradition that is rich and long, and it includes museums, festivals, and a handful of small-time galleries. Each is idiosyncratic and full of character, though a strong focus on the skills and crafts native to the island is common to many.

Korcula is one of 1185 islands that dot the Adriatic Coast, which means its definitely on the island-hopping itinerary, should you choose to take your vacation in Croatia along that route. The islets and reefs of the coast form some of the most fabulous coastlines found anywhere in Europe—and getting around them is of little trouble thanks to the impressive transportation links and general tourist provisions on offer. Ferries and smaller boats connect most of the islands, while the bigger islands offer basic car rental options should you want to tour their isolated villages and dramatic landscapes on your own.

The nearest airport to Korcula Croatia is Dubrovnik Airport. Over the years, Korcula has benefited from its proximity to Dubrovnik, as those looking to escape the tourist bustle of the south Croatian city head here for some peace and quiet. The same could be said of Split, whose Diocletian's Palace is a favorite among regular travelers to these parts. In terms of moving on from the island of Korcula, meanwhile, there are many excellent islands that deserve more than a day of exploring. The islands of Vis and Hvar are both high on the list of places to see for many incoming vacationers, while Dugi Otok is also well worth a visit if you fancy something truly isolated and tranquil.

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