Krk Croatia

Krk Croatia is one of the larger islands that make up an extended archipelago off the coast of Croatia’s mainland. An easily accessible—and highly popular—vacation spot, Krk Croatia is gifted with a climate to envy. It rarely rains here; instead, the sun shines almost all year round. And it’s not just an impressive climate that recommends the island, for it also exhibits all the geographical features that so characterize Adriatic islands, such as jagged cliff faces, cozy inlets, and beautiful bays. These inlets and bays are home to some astoundingly alluring Krk beaches—natural features that alone justify a visit to Krk Croatia.

Many vacationers head to the township of Baska Krk to commence their time here. And it’s easy to see why: This popular tourist resort offers beautiful scenery and an easy-going nature. Also (and not coincidentally), Baska Krk supposedly has the best beaches on the island, which is saying something, as there are more than a handful of excellent beaches to be found elsewhere on the island. When not lounging on the beaches in and around Baska Krk, tourists tend to spend the daytime hours walking around and soaking up the atmosphere of this enigmatic place. Come nighttime, meanwhile, it’s all about finding a quiet restaurant or bar and having a glass of more of the tasty, locally produced wine.

Another popular destination is Malinska in Krk, which is located in a bay on the northwestern shoreline. Malinska in Krk is a quiet, tranquil place; attractions here include a Franciscan monastery and an eye-pleasing chapel that goes by the name of St. Nikola.

Due to its temperate climate, Malinska in Krk is often considered an ideal health retreat, offering warm summers, gentle winds, and oxygen-rich air, as the bay is surrounded by a dense green forest. Traditional culture is alive and well here, and many vacationers take the opportunity to check out the local museums, which offer an insight into the town’s folkloric heritage.

Getting to and from Krk Island is mercifully easy, as it is connected to the Croatian mainland by a bridge. Public buses run a regular route from the mainland to the island, while the bridge also allows vacationers who have utilized a car rental service to simply drive across. The nearest city to Krk is Rijeka, which is a large transportation hub—those vacationers who don’t fly into Zagreb or Dubrovnik tend to land here. Rijeka is also connected to various port cities in Italy via ferry routes.

Krk is thus often the first stop on an island-hopping itinerary. Such itineraries also inevitably take in the gorgeous islands of Vis and Hvar, each of which offers its own personal take on easy-going life in the Adriatic. These are the larger, more traveled islands; plenty of other, smaller landmasses dot the sea, and they make for just as enchanting travel experiences. Tourist provisions such as hotels are inevitably less common the more remote you go, however, so it may be worth carrying a tent if you really want to go off the beaten track.

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