Krka National Park

Established in 1985, Krka National Park is the seventh-largest national park in Croatia. Croatia is known for these parks—each is a splendid area of natural surroundings that allows visitors to lazily explore the flora and fauna that’s indigenous to the country. Krka National Park in Croatia is no different; characterized by pine trees, rocky hills, and the magnificent Krka waterfalls, it’s a tourist catchall, offering something for any visitor.

For vacationers touring the Dalmatian coast, Krka National Park is well situated, in that it provides easily accessible respite from Split, which is a large city and a popular tourist destination only an hour or so away. Due to the Diocletian's Palace and other headlining tourist attractions, Split is at the top of many people’s travel itineraries, but this does not mean the opportunity to escape its noisy energy in favor of peaceful tranquility is to be sniffed at. After a few days exploring Split, heading out to the countryside of Krka National Park in Croatia proves a great contrast and antidote to the city’s bustle.

Whether you’ve just spent time in Split or you’ve arrived from another destination along the Dalmatian coast, a visit to Krka National Park is a must. An area of pristine natural beauty that’s preserved with meticulous vigor by the local authorities, the park has much to offer by way of outdoor fun. One of its main draws has the be the Krka waterfalls, a large formation of cascading water that collects in a lagoon-like pool, where visitors can swim.

While swimming in the falls may sound dangerous, the Krka waterfalls are well supported by tourist facilities, and there are plenty of lifeguards and local officials dotted around the area should anything go wrong. As a result, this is a great place for one and all to swim in, and adults can sit in the café that’s next to the Krka waterfalls while leaving their children to swim in the water without having to worry about their safety.

Aside from the waterfalls and their adjoining café, visitors can enjoy a multitude of other attractions at Krka National Park in Croatia. There is a small river island, a monastery, a museum, and a souvenir shop to poke around in, while walking trails, sightseeing tours, fishing, and boat trips are also common here. Renting a bike is particularly popular among visitors, as it gives them the independence to explore the park at their own pace.

Vacations in Croatia tend to be a perfect balance between explorations of the wonders of the natural world and the achievements of the human race through the ages. From the beatific lakes and waterfalls of Krka National Park in Croatia to the white marble promenades of Split, and the lovely beaches of Salona to the hustle and bustle of Zagreb, a trip to Croatia will be more than worth all the kuna you spend on it.

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