Croatia Lighthouses

Several lighthouses have been built all over Croatia, on the mainland and on islands in the Adriatic Sea, and travelers can enjoy a unique vacation in the lighthouses in Croatia, as some are now available to reserve as lodging for your vacation. It is important to remember several details about the Croatia lighthouses, including the availability and locations; nevertheless, visitors who choose to rent a Croatia lighthouse are in for a real treat of a Mediterranean experience.

Travelers can find Croatia lighthouses all along the coast and on the islands, and some of the structures date back to the nineteenth century. Savudrija is the oldest of the lighthouses in Croatia and the entire Adriatic Sea; it is also the northernmost lighthouse available for rent, located on the border with neighboring Slovenia. It was built in 1818 and accommodates only about four people—couples can book this charming apartment for a real Mediterranean getaway and a unique honeymoon.

Knowing how you will reach your destination is another important factor to consider when you rent a Croatia lighthouse. By car or on foot, many of the lighthouses provide some type of service to assist travelers with transfers to and from the mainland; ferry or catamaran are the predominant means of transportation for lighthouses off the mainland. Some of the lighthouses in Croatia have roads leading right up to them and provide a small parking lot for the guests, making them easy destinations for travelers with rental cars. Rt Zub is among those accommodations; it's located in Tar, between Porec and Novigrod.

Croatia lighthouses often have a delightful story to complete the experience of a lighthouse vacation. Rt Zub, meaning Cape Tooth, tells of a legend in which a fisherman went out to sea, leaving his toothless wife awaiting his return on a rock near the lighthouse, and upon his return, he was surprised to find his wife smiling at him with a full head of teeth, leading to Rt Zub to be associated with magical powers. The story of Struga tells a true story of a giant lobster weighing nearly eighteen pounds; it was caught by a fisherman who sent it to the Emperor Franz Joseph, and another story of the discovery in the same location of the largest coral tree in the Adriatic Sea. A fishing family lives at this lighthouse, taking in guests throughout the year.

Before reserving your stay at one of the lighthouses in Croatia, research is imperative. All of the lighthouses have keepers that often live there with their families. Some of the keepers are fishermen, and guests are cordially welcomed to join them on fishing trips, which altogether adds to the exquisite charm of renting a Croatia lighthouse. Most of the lighthouses require a booking of at least seven days, and during the off-season, it is sometimes reduced to three days. Keepers and their families are always willing to make adjustments for guests and their needs and desires, so visitors should not hesitate to ask.

Staying at a lighthouse on the Adriatic Sea will, without a doubt, create lasting memories of your Croatia vacation. It is a wonderful opportunity to not only experience the nature and wonders of the Mediterranean, but also the wonderful people, especially if you have the privilege of staying with a Croatian family. Although travelers are sure to find lovely hotels in Split or Dubrovnik, and on islands like Krk and Hvar, they are sure to have a particularly memorable and unique vacation if they're able to rent a Croatia lighthouse.



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