Croatia Luxury Hotels

Accommodations in this lovely country are constantly changing and evolving; improvements and upward advancements are the goal with every luxury hotel in Croatia. As far as lodgings, Croatia has one of the most diverse selections, from luxury resorts and camping to lighthouses and hostels. People on a budget might choose a direction other than Croatia luxury hotels, but for those who are willing to spend that extra buck, whether you are looking for a luxury hotel in Zagreb or an island resort, there are a host of lavish options available to resort vacationers.

Croatia is famous for being a summer destination, but hotels and tourist offices strive to attract visitors throughout the year, and they are faced with the fact that chilly weather and wintry scenes are just not as attractive as sandy white beaches or pebble beaches and sunny days. The answer is to take up the renovations and create resorts that offer tons of great indoor amenities and activities, with the beauty of Croatia still right at the fingertips of guests who choose to take advantage of it, hot or cold.

The top picks among Croatia luxury hotels include resorts from the largest cities in the country, including Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Opatija, and Dubrovnik, and on islands such as Hvar. The top luxury hotel in Zagreb is the Regent Esplanade, which is a magnificently lavish accommodation with beautiful architecture, design, and great amenities.

Dubrovnik is a top destination in Croatia, and the hotels live up to the reputation of the city. Bellavue is one of the most popular Dubrovnik luxury hotels, set apart by the pristine contemporary design. For those who are planning to stay near Old Town, there are several options available, including Pucic Palace, Stari Grad, and Excelsior. Each of these Dubrovnik luxury hotels features the best of amenities, services, furnishings, and views, offering guests a truly lavish Croatia experience from the comfort of the hotel throughout the year. Visitors may choose to stay at one of the Dubrovnik luxury hotels or even a quaint private accommodation, but wherever you stay, a wonderful experience awaits in every corner of the city.

On the Istrian peninsula, Hotel Monte Mulini (pictured) is a luxury resort just beyond the borders of Rovinj, featuring a modern design and sumptuous furnishings; by night it is even more beautiful. Kempinski Hotel Adriatic Croatia is another Istria luxury spa resort; this one has its own private beach and an eighteen-hole golf course. Its location in the northern part of the country, near the Slovenian border, also offers access to Italy and to Croatia attractions such as the Pula Arena.

Hotel Mozart in Opatija lends a classical ambience and empirical treatment for guests. In the historical center of Zadar, travelers can rest their weary heads on the soft pillows of the Hotel Bastion. Le Meridien is a world renowned luxury resort, and Split is home to one of the best: Le Meridien Hotel Lav, featuring an abundance of lavish surroundings from the rooms to the casino, restaurants and bars, to the beachfront property; there is no doubt visitors will remember the experience to be had here. The Riva Hvar Yacht Harbor Hotel is a small luxury hotel in Croatia that offers so much more than the lap of luxury.

Many people save for a fabulous vacation each year, and for travelers who are looking to go first-class, Croatia offers just that year-round with its lovely islands and beaches, and they array of luxury resorts. Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel in Zagreb or Dubrovnik or even on one of the Adriatic islands of Croatia, you will surely find a great deal of wonderful options among the Croatia luxury hotels. With comforts and activities sheltered from the weather, visitors can enjoy the pleasures of Croatia all year long.

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