Opatija Croatia

Opatija Croatia is one of the top destinations in the country for vacations, and accommodations offer a wide range of options and facilities. Bring the family along if you plan to travel to Opatija, because this is one of the family-friendly resort locations in Croatia. Vacationers will enjoy romantic beach nights and lively evening entertainment, and no matter how long your Croatia vacation is, Opatija holidays are among the most versatile with something that everyone will enjoy.

It is not difficult to see why the small settlement of Opatija Croatia is one of the most popular destination resort towns in the country with astounding beauty and picturesque views of the Adriatic Sea. This small town was first established as a holiday destination for Austrians in the nineteenth century; many of the hotels and buildings are dated from that period.

Visitors who travel to Opatija have a large selection of accommodations available to them, from five-star resorts to affordable apartments. Hotel Mozart and Ambasador are among the high-class resorts, featuring classic, luxurious furnishings, and plenty of pampering amenities. A more modern choice is the Hotel Milenij, which is a more recent structure of contemporary design. For those travelers on a budget going to this beautiful place, hostels and apartments are often the way to go, but the best way to save money on Opatija holidays is to start looking early and reserve in advance.

Tourism is a strong attraction for visitors of Opatija Croatia, and the things to do and sightseeing opportunities are quite numerous. Secluded coves along the beaches allow for private picnics and swims. Notable buildings in town include the Old Abbey, dating back to 1844; it was built by a merchant from Rijeka and has now been converted into a hotel. Overlooking the bay is Opatija’s famous statue, the Maiden with the Seagull.

The city is also in a good location for excursions to other parts of Croatia, including both day trips and longer journeys. Opatija is very close to the city of Rijeka, Croatia's principal seaport, and a 90-minute drive from Pula, which is another popular tourist destination that's home to the historic Pula Arena, dating to Roman times. It is also easy to begin an island-hopping tour from this city, as it is a short distance from Krk Island. Travelers interested in adding another country to their vacation itinerary could also consider crossing the border into nearby Slovenia for some additional sightseeing.

When visitors travel to Opatija, they find tons of opportunities for enjoyment and activities that suit every taste. Families will enjoy the amusement park at the edge of the sea, while couples can take long walks on the Lungomare, a shady promenade that boarders the coast, and nearly everyone, couples and singles alike, will appreciate the exciting nightlife of Opatija holidays. Opatija has come to be known as the Adriatic Nice on account of the frequent visits from the European elite. It is one of the most popular resort destinations in Croatia, and it is no wonder, with gorgeous surroundings and tons of things to do during your vacation.



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