Osijek Hotels

Visitors looking for accommodations in Osijek will find a wide variety of options from spa resorts converted from ancient buildings to small affordable hostels, and while staying at a luxury hotel in Osijek is a great way to spend a vacation, budget travel can often add to the charm of your stay. Wherever you decide to stay during your holiday in Croatia, every selection for accommodation in Osijek offers a unique experience.

Osijek is known for its baroque-style architecture. The Drava River runs through town, and tourists can use the pedestrian footbridge, which is also a main attraction in town. Hunting and fishing are attractive activities in the backwaters and forestry surrounding the river. Camping is a more adventurous accommodation in Osijek for the brave explorer

The hotels in Osijek include the lovely Hotel Waldinger, the Maksimilian Guesthouse, and the Hotel Central (pictured), among others. The Waldinger is a small hotel offering sixteen guest units in the main hotel and seven in the less-expensive pension, along with a coffee shop on site. The Maksimilian Guesthouse is located in the central part of the city, in the heart of its baroque architecture. This affordable hotel has just six guest units, so book well ahead of time if this is your first choice among the Osijek hotels. The Hotel Central, also in the city's heart, is the oldest hotel in town, dating back to 1889. It has 32 well-appointed rooms and is one of the hotels that offers an option for breakfast.

For those in search of affordable Osijek hotels, private apartments lend to the experience of this quaint little town. Many families offer their homes to the weary traveler for a moderate price, and guests will quite literally enjoy the comforts of home, complete with filial companionship. Visitors may find that it is easier to find travel companions or locals that are eager to share a wealth of information about what to do and see.

When you consider the deciding factors of reserving a hotel in Osijek, there are several particulars to take into account before making that choice. Croatia is most popular for its summer holidays, beaches, and the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Osijek's inland location means that it will be less crowded during the summer, book in advance as some inland Croatia hotels close during the peak beach season. While breakfast is often complimentary at many hotels, it may be important to confirm if you are accustomed to eating breakfast, since this is not a meal that is offered at the restaurants in Croatia.

Resorts and luxury hotels in Osijek are often experiences in themselves, given the great number of amenities offered at these hotels. Tourism is centered on the baroque style of architecture which dominates a majority of the buildings in this town. Travelers may want to investigate specials and packages that are often offered at many of the luxury hotels in Osijek for out of season travel, but this generally requires advance booking, so plan ahead and make your reservations.

This quiet town resting on the shores of the Drava River has scores of advantages to offer visitors. Enjoy a refreshing afternoon on the promenade and architectural footbridge, or engage your bold side with a bit of exploration through the backwaters. Travelers have plenty of accommodation options available at the Osijek hotels, and affordable prices can often be locked in with early reservations. With plenty to see and do, booking a hotel in Osijek can prove to be a revitalizing vacation and give you a chance for some peace and quiet on your trip to Croatia.



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