Pula Hotels

Occupying a key location on the Istria peninsula, Pula was once the main port for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today, Pula remains unblemished with flourishing vegetation and lovely views of the sparkling blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Pula hotels come in a remarkable number of different forms, from luxury to very affordable, and each variety offers a fine experience for your Croatia vacation.

Pula hotels offer a great variety of amenities and services along with comfortable accommodations. Recreational facilities are a great way to enjoy your vacation rain or shine, and many of the Pula Croatia hotels are located in close proximity of the beaches and popular tourist attractions such as the Pula Arena, making them convenient for travelers on foot. Another consideration is breakfast; this is one meal that is not typically offered at the restaurants in Croatia, so visitors may want to confirm that breakfast, whether complimentary or not, is available at their hotel of choice.

One very popular hotel in Pula is a resort called the Histria (pictured); it is known as one of the finest Pula Croatia hotels on the Verudela Peninsula. While Pula is not quite as popular as the illustrious Dubrovnik, Split, or Hvar Island, it is still a beautiful destination, coveted for its beautiful and untouched scenery, and luxury accommodations in the area are increasing in number. Travelers may want to investigate specials and packages that are often offered at their luxury hotel in Pula for out of season travel, but this generally requires advance booking, so plan ahead and make your reservations for flights, transportation, and lodging early.

Many people are trying to save money these days, and those that are traveling are often doing so on a tight budget. Affordable accommodations can be found in the form of budget Pula hotels, hostels, and private apartments. Scarletta is a hotel in Pula that is near the center of town that offers comfortable facilities and a complimentary breakfast. Many families in Croatia have converted their homes into boarding houses and let out rooms to travelers, and the residents that visitors encounter in these lodgings are almost always friendly and eager to share information about the best sightseeing in Pula and things to do in Croatia.

Architectural sightseeing includes the ancient Arena, numerous cathedrals, and the Temple of Roma and Augustus, and the Arch of the Sergii, believed to have been built in the first century BC. The gorgeous views and the pebble beaches in the area are great for picnics and romantic walks; they will provide a refreshing day of relaxation. Plenty of water-related activities flourish on this coastal beauty, including sailing, surfing, and scuba diving.

On the shores of Croatia, visitors can enjoy the magnificence of nature. A host of Pula Croatia hotels are available to travelers, from lavish spa resorts to humble hostels and private apartments, to ensure that all travelers find the perfect accommodations for their trip. Fused with various cultures and architectures and forms of entertainment, Pula is a superb stop on any Adriatic itinerary, and whether you stay at a hotel, a hostel, or a Pula resort, you're sure to have an unforgettable trip.



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