Hotel Istra, Rovinj

Hotel Istra

St Andrews Island, S Andrea

The Istra Hotel is a 4 star property located on St. Andrew*s Island also known as the Red Island. It is the largest island of Rovinj archipelago and is connected with the island of Maskin by a small bridge. The islands are surrounded by attractive pebbly and stone beaches and by beautiful Mediterranean flora which cohabitate magnificently with an old castle which was originally a Benedictine monastery but since 1890 belonged to Baron Georg von Hutterott who renovated it as his private villa which was visited by many famous people of that time. Nowadays visitors can enjoy its romantic atmosphere sitting on the terrace of a la carte restaurant situated in it. Besides numerous restaurants and bars the hotel offers a wide variety of sport and recreational facilities as well as the animation facilities for children and adults. We recommend you to visit our wellness centre where you will experience another dimension of life. Welcome*