Croatia Skiing

Croatia skiing is an affordable alternative to the expensive resorts in other areas of Europe. While the mountains aren’t as high as the Alps, the skiing options are incredibly affordable and off the beaten path. While Croatia is better known for its islands and water sports, skiing is also a popular draw to the country. If you want to ski in Zagreb, you are in luck: There is a convenient ski resort just outside of the city, in Mount Sljeme. This is the best place to ski in Medvednica, on the northern slope of the mountain.

Based in a nature reserve, the unspoiled landscape of Sljeme is enough of a reason to ski in Zagreb. While the ski season isn’t as long as in other ski destinations in Europe, it is still possible to ski for three months out of the year. The facilities at Sljeme are modest enough, with two ski lifts and four ski runs. Offering slopes for a variety of levels of skiers, Croatia skiing can offer a challenge to even experienced snow-lovers. The chance to ski in Zagreb can be combined with a visit to the country’s capital, where the architecture, cuisine, and beautiful main square are draws to the historic city.

Bjelolasica skiing is another option. As Croatia’s largest ski resort, this is a popular destination for many travelers. Unfortunately, this area outside of Zagreb does not guarantee snow, and sometimes artificial snow keeps the resort running. However, a bonus of this resort is wider offerings in terms of activities. The resort has opportunities for cross-country skiing, and it also allows snowboarders. If you are interested in learning how to ski, Bjelolasica also offers ski lessons. In close proximity to Zagreb, you can explore the capital city while skiing in this resort as well.

Croatia skiing is also available within a half-hour drive to Slovenia or an hour drive to Italy, outside of the beautiful Croatian town of Rijeka. Platak mountain is a popular option for those who love cross-country skiing, and here in the northeastern section of Croatia, the snow can last well into the spring. One of the best elements of skiing in Croatia is the views you get to experience. Whether of the sea from Platak or the gorgeous landscape around Zagreb, adventure travelers get to experience more of the country’s offerings, and it's not often that you find a travel destination where you can also kayak, windsurf, and sail.

The chance to ski in Zagreb can combine outdoor adventure with a bit of culture. Many visitors to Croatia never even know of the availability of skiing, as they typically associate the country with its numerous islands and lovely architecture. Water sports and island-hopping are the more expensive activities offered in Croatia, especially when compared to skiing. A bit of a locally kept secret, skiing in Croatia has yet to reach widespread popularity, but it is gaining speed each winter.

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