Split Croatia

Arising from a Roman palace, Split is the second-largest city in Croatia. Along the Adriatic coast, it is both the largest city and one of the oldest; it is no wonder then that Split travel is among the most popular in the country. The Split beach of Brela is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and this thriving city attracts hundreds for its natural and structural magnificence. Split Croatia is a buzzing center for transportation, sightseeing, and exploration in which visitors will find an abundance of things to do.

A long and illustrious history follows the grand town of Split Croatia. As with the rest of Croatia, it dates back to ancient times, ruled by the Greeks, the ancient Roman Empire, Venice, the Slavs, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire until it became part of independent Croatia. Diocletian's Palace was built by the ancient Romans, and is now a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today, visitors who take a holiday in Split can tour the old town within the palace walls and understand the colorful history of this bustling city.

Brela beach is among the top ten destinations in Croatia. It lies about halfway between Split and Makarska, just below the Biokovo mountain range, and it is known for its white pebble coves and verdant forests of pine lining the coast. Brela is a good destination for a day trip during a holiday in Split, particularly if you have a rental car. Water activities are capitalized in Split travel, from windsurfing and scuba diving to sailing and kayaking. Several ports line the coast, offering plenty of opportunities to cast off in a chartered yacht for an expedition of the nearby islands.

In and around the city, a holiday in Split can be well spent touring the architecture, learning about the history among the beauty of the Mediterranean atmosphere, and engaging in the abundant activities above and below the sea. Within the walls of Diocletian’s Palace, numerous relics and beautiful architecture stand in remembrance of old glory days, when the city was part of a now-vanished empire, and as a modern era has taken over, Split travel and tourism grows in bounding leaps, and the entertainment sector takes a leading role in attractions in the way of nightlife and festivities.

Tourists in Split Croatia are in a transportation hub with daily flights to and from Zagreb, London, and Frankfurt. Being the second-largest in Croatia, the Split airport handles the heavy summer traffic of tourists each year, making this a good destination for flights within the country, in case travelers should wish to fly to other cities such as Dubrovnik. In addition to airports and land transportation, ferries leave the docks each day, heading for the nearby islands, such as Brac and Hvar, laden with excited and intrigued tourists, all of whom are ready for a bit of exploring.

With a long, illustrious history and a bright future, Split is a stronghold in the Croatian tourist industry, attracting hundreds of visitors every year. Plenty of sightseeing opportunities are available in the city in many different forms and are sure to suit the tastes of every traveler, from excitement to romance and anything in between.



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