Things to do in Croatia

Vacationers will find a great deal of activities in Croatia. This Mediterranean paradise offers up tons of adventures for the roving traveler, from simply bathing on the beach of a verdant island to adventurous underwater explorations and winter sporting activities. Croatia activities are varied, from luxury cruises to island-hopping to scuba diving and sailing in the blue coastal waters. A host of exceptional things to do in Croatia waits with especially memorable experiences for the more daring visitors who pass through the waters of the Adriatic.


Visiting the beaches is among the top things to do in Croatia, and they are some of the best and cleanest in the world, with the Blue Flag standard seal of cleanliness. Many of the beaches are among the cleanest and most beautiful in the world with a reputation for the clearest waters; it is well known for its pebble beaches, while the white sandy beaches of course remain very popular and are spectacular to see. Nearly all of the beaches in Croatia allow topless sunbathers and nudist sections; visitors can be sure there are naturalist beaches nearby, wherever they choose to stay. Some of the best beaches in Croatia are Zlatni Rat on the island of Brac, the Banje and Lokrum beaches in Dubrovnik, Hvar Island beaches, and a particular Rav Island beach, Rajska Plaza, known as Paradise Beach.


Exciting underwater adventures await explorers in this paradise destination in the Adriatic Sea. Divers have fabulous opportunities to visit antiquated shipwrecks and their cargo in diving locations across the Croatian coast. In Croatia, every diver must possess an official diving card issued by the Croatian Diving Association; these can be attained at diving centers. This is one of those Croatia activities that can be part of a very memorable vacation.


One of the increasingly popular Croatia activities is to return to nature through camping. On the continental Croatia, there are several opportunities for getting back to the basics, but there are hosts more on the islands off the coast. Camping is an exciting Croatia activity, and it is a great way to experience the verdant surroundings and the superb coastal waters.


Hiking in the lush forests of the mountains is one of the most magical activities in Croatia. Paths are marked with a white dot inside of a red circle, but hikers should be aware that some of these signs have been removed by local shepherds or have simply worn away. Simple mountain lodgings are available but should be booked in advance to ensure reservations. Among the best hiking locations are Ucka Mountain, the Northern Velebit, Paklenica, and the Biokovo Mountains. Trekkers may find other interesting things to do in Croatia during these hikes, including visiting botanical gardens and historical towns.


Sailing on the Croatian coastline is a thrilling and delightful experience, and the views of cities such as Dubrovnik are delightful from the water. Visitors can island-hop or sail continuously for an afternoon. Boat charters are available with or without a skipper. In addition to chartering a sailboat, cruises are also available for an especially relaxing holiday.


In addition to spectacular beaches and coastal waters, Croatia reveals a charming winter when the white blankets of snow cover the ground. Several mountain peaks across the country turn into popular local ski slopes, including Mount Sljeme and the Bjelolasica resort. Croatia is not known for massive ski slopes like the Alps, but a fair bit of winter activities in Croatia take place during the snowy season.


Exploring the dozens of islands is one of the best things to do in Croatia. There are a number of ways to get to and around the islands, including by car, boat, and public transportation. Hvar, Krk, Pag, and Rab are home to some of the best beaches in Croatia, and the lovely islands of Vis and Dugi Otok are sure to please.

Visitors to Croatia will never lack for activities; there are so many that it would be difficult to include everything in one short vacation, meaning that once you've taken one vacation in Croatia, you're sure to be planning a return trip soon.

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