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Croatia tours leave the planning to the experts. While the conflict in Croatia is now well into the past and it is possible to plan your own trip, local experts can help to maximize your vacation. Tours to Croatia are offered in a variety of areas, based on a variety of topics. It is possible to sail between the many islands, learn how to windsurf, and visit Roman ruins such as the Pula Arena during Croatia tours. The most challenging aspect is choosing the best Croatia tour for you and your interests. Whether you are seeking fun for the family, a romantic holiday, or a group gathering, a tour could make your vacation even easier.

Dubrovnik tours are some of the most popular in the country. This medieval walled city is breathtaking from every angle. The shiny main promenade leads to a beautiful square and bell tower, and it is possible to walk around the wall of Dubrovnik, seeing every perspective that the perimeter of the city provides. Tour groups often receive discounts at these attractions. Many consider the best Croatia tour to be one on the water, and from the port of Dubrovnik tours of the neighboring islands are offered, and all provide visitors with the best perspective of Dubrovnik—the one from the sea.

Wider tours to Croatia typically include Dubrovnik as the first or last stop and visit other lovely sights in between. Other popular tour destinations include the islands, where famous beaches such as Zlatni Rat and water sports are offered. Sailing to Brac, Hvar, or Korcula gives visitors a well-rounded experience of the Croatian islands. The islands have opportunities for eco-tourism as well, as scuba diving and kayaking can reveal the marine life that many travel from afar to see. If water isn’t your cup of tea, then there are many tours on land as well.

If you want to tour Zagreb, a visit to the capital can be part of a wider Croatian experience. Bus tours bring visitors from the inland capital city down to the Dalmatian coast, including cities such as Split on the itinerary. Here, visitors can see well-preserved Roman ruins. Diocletian's Palace is now part of the city, and it makes a great spot for a sunny lunch. If architecture is your primary interest, this may be the best Croatia tour, as the blending of the ruins into the Split of today is seamless. The views from the town will explain why the Roman emperor chose this spot for his palace.

Tours to Croatia can be romantic as well. Companies can put together honeymoon packages for newlyweds to enjoy the beaches, fresh cuisine, and privacy that the islands of Croatia offer. Package Croatia tours are available as well, combining airfare, transportation, and some food into one price, which can help immensely when you're creating a budget for your Croatia vacation. While transportation is generally affordable, the time between buses and trains may make committing to a tour a better option, and you can see a wide range of this historic country thanks to the planning, expertise, and local knowledge of Croatia experts.

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