Croatia Transportation

The Croatia transportation system makes traveling the country an easy task. A variety of convenient options allows the traveler to decide what method of transportation is the best fit for each individual itinerary. Croatia ferries make dreams of island-hopping an affordable reality, while reasonable accommodations on the islands, including bed and breakfasts, also help to keep the price of your trip down. Taking a train in Croatia is an option as well, though knowing the routes is important, as some major destinations aren’t connected to the rest of the country by rail, such as Dubrovnik.

Taking a bus in Croatia is a simple way for visitors to get to Dubrovnik from other places along the Dalmatian coast, such as the Roman emperor’s town of Split, home to Diocletian's Palace. Split is the last destination for a train in Croatia, and from there you must take a bus or a ferry if you want to continue along to Dubrovnik. Another transportation option is to rent a car. Recent improvements to roads and highways have made driving even easier. The stretch of coastline between Split and Dubrovnik makes for a beautiful, twisting drive. Some adventurous travelers choose to continue on to explore neighboring Montenegro and Bosnia as well.

Croatia transportation runs on a fairly regular schedule, which will be available to visitors online and in the bus or train stations. Trains are usually more expensive than buses, and depending on the time of year for travel, can be sold out. A popular travel route such as Zagreb to Split will have transportation options for a train or a bus, and these two options take roughly the same amount of time. If your heart isn’t set on taking a train in Croatia, the bus may be a more affordable option for you. For a bit of scenery, plan on working Croatia ferries into your route. Some of them are very slow, but all have plentiful refreshments and amazing views of the hundreds of islands.

If you’re on the east coast of Italy, it is possible to take a ferry to Croatia as well. These overnight ferries can be fairly slow, but with a small cabin to sleep in the trip will go by quickly. After spending time in Italy, you’ll see all the cultural similarities between the two countries, including architecture and cuisine. Ports on the east coast of Italy are only a train ride away from major cities such Rome and Venice, and from these gateway ports Croatia ferries are also a convenient method of transportation.

Taking a train in Croatia can also bring you to other foreign destinations such as Slovenia or Austria, as the countries in this region are all close and accessible. One thing to remember about Croatia transportation is the necessity of an international driver’s license. If you’re planning on renting a car, do your research on obtaining an international license to avoid any hassle. Whether you want to go to Croatia to island-hop, try your hand at a variety of water sports, or wander the Roman ruins, Croatia has the transportation system to let you see it all.

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