Historic City of Trogir

A trip to Croatia would be incomplete without a visit to the historic city of Trogir. A UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Site, Trogir Croatia is situated on an island just a short journey from the central commercial hub of Split. Consequently, the Trogir historic city is easily accessibly for vacationers traveling around this part of the country, with a number of buses making the task of reaching the city easy.

The history of Trogir Croatia is simply fascinating. Dating back to the third century BC, when it was founded by Greek settlers, who stumbled upon it on a journey from the island of Vis, it has since undergone numerous metamorphoses. Probably due to the strategic importance of its position, Trogir has seen Roman, Venetian, French, and finally Croatian rule since the time of the Greek colonists. It is because of this rich (and somewhat turbulent) past that the city is referred to as the Trogir historic city.

Unsurprisingly, then, Trogir is a place where the enthusiastic tourist will be intrigued by the remnants of the ancient cultures the city has experienced. The medieval town at Trogir is probably the place to start your exploration of the city’s past, at dates back to Greek occupation, and still retains in its basic structure the aspects of the Hellenistic period. However, consequent improvisation by the Romans and the Venetians has also had a great impact on this city and its central medieval core, and visitors to Trogir Croatia will find many churches and forts built in the Romanesque-Gothic vein alongside more typical ancient Greek architecture.

Must-see attractions in the historic city of Trogir include Fortress Kamerlengo, the Duke’s Palace, the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, and the Palaces of Cipiko. All these sites—along with the center of the city, which contains about ten medieval churches—are places that travelers flock to, and as such, they’re all ready to accommodate visitors. Tourist provisions are plentiful around these attractions; you’ll find many helpful tours and guides, not to mention more than the occasional excellent museum.

It’s not just the ancient buildings of the city that draw travelers in droves. Aside from being a place steeped in the past, the historic city of Trogir also abounds in natural beauty. This is an island-bound city, and its beaches make for great relaxation opportunities, though that’s not to say the day-to-day pace of life at Trogir is anything more than easygoing. The hills that border the city also provide breathtaking views, and they are a popular destination for visitors wanting to get a look at the city as a whole and take in an astounding sunrise or sunset.

The spectacular beaches of Trogir provide a perfect setting for the city. The surrounding hills and the islands also provide a breathtaking view. For tourists to the Trogir historic city, then, the beauty of the place often comes as a pleasant surprise, cementing its position as one of Croatia’s top travel destinations.

Having finished your stay at Trogir, Split is the obvious next port of call, while the island of Vis is also a popular destination. Both of these hubs are well-connected transport wise, making it easy to arrange a trip to the other islands of the Dalmatian coast, such as Hvar and Krk, and the other mainland cities, including Zagreb and Dubrovnik.

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