Croatia Vacation Packages

Croatia vacation packages can save you time and money during your holiday to this beautiful Mediterranean country. Croatia travel deals often include airfare, transportation, airport transfers, and sometimes accommodation and meals. This takes a huge burden off the traveler and leaves the planning to the experts. If you are planning a trip to Croatia on a budget, unexpected costs such as transfers can really blow the budget; with a vacation package to Croatia you will know in advance exactly what the tour company is taking care of and what costs will be your responsibility.

Another benefit, beyond the arrangement of transportation, of Croatia vacation packages is the opportunity to partake in the outstanding water sports of the Adriatic. Some Croatia travel packages include lessons for kite-surfing, kayaking, or scuba diving. For travelers who are interested in sailing, a sail school or a couple of days on the boat could all be included into one fee for the holiday. Croatia travel deals have recently included the blossoming area of ecotourism. If you are interested in learning about the birds of the Mediterranean, or the marine life, a package deal that includes eco tours may be available for you.

A vacation package to Croatia is especially cost-efficient for a family. The price of transportation and accommodation can be a burden when multiplied by family members, and a package may make this trip affordable. As an island paradise, there are also Croatia vacation packages available for honeymoons. With more than 1,000 islands in the archipelago, there is always a new unspoiled cove and beach for a private picnic for two. Luxury hotels, fine dining, and unique excursions can make up an unforgettable honeymoon package.

If you’re looking for Croatia travel deals, it is best not to plan a trip during July or August. During this peak tourist time, many Europeans have their holidays, and Croatia becomes busy, especially with Italians and their families. However, the coastline of Croatia has a lengthy warm season, making it a pleasant place to visit even outside the summer months. It is comfortable to be on the beach as early as April, though the water may still be too cold for swimming. Vacation packages often make it a possibility to see multiple locations, including the various islands, the Dalmatian Coast, and beautiful Dubrovnik.

Beyond a package deal, it is possible for visitors to rent their own car and plan private excursions. Some packages are more inclusive than others, so be sure to check if food and beverages are included in your rate. During the off-season it is possible to get a good deal, so check with a variety of companies before committing to a reservation for a vacation package to Croatia. You may also want to consider renting a vacation villa. This could wind up saving money as the cost of food would be cut dramatically with the availability of a kitchen. Often, villas are in a more local neighborhood as well, providing visitors with an authentic cultural experience. However you decide to experience Croatia, you are sure to love the friendly people and deep sense of history present across the country.

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