Croatia Vacations

Croatia vacations have plenty to offer a variety of travelers. From the adventure traveler to the couple seeking a romantic getaway, holidays in Croatia can be as active or relaxing as you’d like. The country has blossomed since its recent conflict, and though some elements of war can still be seen with the bullet holes in walls, this only adds to the rich character of Croatia. Tourism is once again booming in the country, and yet visitors feel that are discovering something fresh and new. Croatia vacations often include visits to the famous beaches such as Zlatni Rat, a bit of island-hopping across Vis and Dugi Otok, and a few days exploring the gem of Dubrovnik.

It is possible to plan a cheap Croatia holiday thanks to an abundance of bed and breakfasts and guesthouses. When making a reservation, enquire if there is accommodation with a small kitchen or refrigerator. This can help keep the cost of your vacation down as you won’t need to eat all of your meals at restaurants. However, one of the unforgettable aspects of holidays in Croatia, is surely the fresh cuisine and local wines. Ask for recommendations from residents, and you’ll be surprised at the amount of high-quality, reasonably priced restaurants in Croatia. Fish, pastas, and risotto all are staple items on menus across the country.

You can plan a cheap Croatia holiday and still dine well. Travelers may want to avoid the peak season of July and August, when it will be hard to find deals and all accommodations and restaurants will be crowded with Europeans taking their holidays to Croatia. During the rest of the year, keep your eye out for early-bird specials and a fixed-price meal. Restaurants outside of the city centers are always a good idea as well. In Dubrovnik, for example, there are many fine restaurants outside of the Old Town that visitors often neglect. Holidays in Croatia don’t have to break the bank, but it takes a little extra planning to find the good deals.

Another method for planning a cheap Croatia holiday is to look into vacation packages. These package deals often combine airfare, transportation, accommodation, and some meals. Especially if you are planning on traveling with a family, a package deal can make your Croatia trip easy to plan and budget. If you’re interested in a particular activity, these can also feature in your package deal. Croatia is well known for water-based activities such as kayaking, kite-surfing, and scuba diving. Your Croatia vacation could also be an opportunity to learn a new skill, such as sailing.

Croatia vacations can also include activities that some travelers wouldn’t automatically think of. For example, skiing has gained popularity in the mountains outside of the capital city of Zagreb. The availability of eco tours has expanded in recent years, along with opportunities for with biking and camping. The long coastline of Croatia and its beautiful capital city leave the traveler with many options for planning a holiday to this Mediterranean country.

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