Vis Croatia

Vis Croatia is one of the most popular among the many islands that dot Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. Covering a smallish area of about 60 square miles, it’s a typically rugged Dalmatian island that’s becoming increasingly prominent on Croatia’s list of top destinations, thanks to the combination of breathtaking scenery and beautiful, interesting towns that it offers. Located close to the island of Hvar, and only 60 miles from the coast of Italy, Vis Island is a great place to head if you’re looking to soak up some sun, explore a beautiful area of the world, and visit down-to-earth, relaxed townships.

In terms of the history of Vis Croatia, the first settlers date back all the way to 3000 BC. Following 1943, Vis became the military-navy base in socialist Yugoslavia. Hence, Vis was closed to the outside world due to its strategic location. However, since independence was granted to Croatia in the 1990s, Vis has become a favorite destination for the people living in or visiting the Mediterranean region.

Geographically speaking, Vis Croatia consists of limestone-crested hills surrounded by fertile valleys and covered with red soil. This soil is excellent for cultivating grapevine, and consequently, wine tasting is one of the top things to do while staying in this part of the country. For centuries Vis has been renown for its wine: local varieties include Opol, a great light red, and Vugave, which is a rich white wine. One tip while drinking in the bars on Vis Island: If the waiter motions to pour coke into your red wine, don’t turn your nose up (unless you’ve already tried it!). Coke and wine is a local party drink, and while it may not be that sophisticated, it actually tastes surprisingly good!

The major settlements in and around Vis island are Komiza and the town of Vis. Komiza Croatia is said to be the fishing cradle of the Adriatic, and many budding anglers can enjoy a great vacation casting their lines into the ocean here. Occupied by winegrowers and fishermen seemingly since records began, Komiza Croatia has become well-known for its excellent fish-based cuisine, which comes accompanied by the local white wine. For the real fishing enthusiast, there’s now a fishing museum in Komiza Croatia that reveals the fascinating history of Vis’ fishing industry.

The town of Vis, meanwhile, is similarly appealing and small-time, though it does have more of a reputation for nighttime frolics, should you be looking for a dose of indulgence. There are plenty of Vis hotels to be found here, and indeed many travelers exploring the island use it as a nightly base before heading out to a new area every morning.

Alongside these excellent towns, there are always the idyllic Vis beaches to enjoy. These are wonderfully Mediterranean spots, and going to the beach in Vis is all about finding a stretch of sand hidden in a stunning bay and bordered by crystal-clear waters. The sheer quantity of excellent and near-deserted beaches to be found here cement Vis’ place on the tourist map, as they allow visitors to relax in style among some of the most beautiful scenery to be found anywhere in the Mediterranean.

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