Zadar Croatia

Known by many names throughout its lifetime, including Iadera and Jadera, this coastal town has finally come to settle on the delightful Croatian name of Zadar. It has carried an important role throughout the country's history as Croatia changed hands from one empire to another. Zadar travel is for those who are fond of quaint beauty and charming architecture. Tourism in Zadar Croatia is not as lively as might be found in larger cities such as Dubrovnik, but a pleasant walk through the charming streets will bring a refreshing change to the itinerary of vacationers and quite possibly surprise visitors.

Zadar played a critical part in the play of Croatian history; the coastal access and trading routes were much coveted by the many kingdoms that reigned over the land, and it suffered many invasions, ruins, and rebuilds in the process. Visitors who travel to Zadar can appreciate the beauty of the ancient buildings that stand unshaken in the midst of a bustling town.

Unlike many of the busy and adventurous destinations of Croatia, Zadar is a quaint town that offers a lot of history and opportunities for relaxation. When the Venetians took power in the sixth century, they built fortified walls to protect the city, and these walls are a main attraction for visitors today. Calling them the most beautiful in the world, Alfred Hitchcock immortalized the sunsets of Zadar along the Western Quay, which is a manicured promenade and a lovely site for picnic spots.

One of the most unusual sightseeing attractions is the Sea Organ, which is a set of stairs at the end of the Western Quay; the sea pushes air through the pipes of this unique structure, creating a somber music. Croatia is principally a Catholic nation, and several chapels and cathedrals are especially charming, including the Church of Saint Donat, St. Anastasia’s Cathedral, and the Church of Saint Simeon. Other attractions include the Zadar beaches and the Five Wells near the center of town, which used to provide water for the entire town

Zadar Croatia is located about halfway in between Split and Opatija, and it is an excellent site for water-based activities such as kayaking, sailing, and diving, as well as for beginning an island-hopping tour. The beautiful island of Dugi Otok is not far from Zadar and is well worth a visit during any Croatia vacation.

While daylight tourism is a marvelous attraction in Zadar Croatia, the nightlife is significantly enticing to be an attraction in itself. The student life of Zadar pores over, especially when the weather turns warm, and the nightlife is some of the most entertaining for those who travel to Zadar. In the midst of the old town center lays the upbeat hum of nightly entertainment.

Plenty of bars and nightclubs line the streets in many parts of town; an open air stomping ground rests at the edge of town, where people simply get together and hang out. The Garden is one of the most noteworthy nightclubs in Zadar, as it is a lush garden which sits atop the ancient city walls. Young tourists will certainly appreciate Zadar travel, not only for the wonderful sightseeing and activities, but also for the entertainment sectors.

Rich in history, attractions, and entertainment, Zadar travel is well worth adding to any itinerary. Strolling through the streets or along the Western Quay on a warm summer day or sunny afternoon is an ideal way to spend time with your loved ones or even make new friends among the locals of the ancient city. Travelers who travel to Zadar will experience Croatia in a very unique and refreshing manner.

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