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The coastal city of Zadar is not the liveliest destination for a vacation; quite the opposite—it will bring a refreshing change to your list of things to do in Croatia. Take a walk down the quaint streets of this beautiful town as it sits overlooking the Adriatic Sea, or listen to the unique organ that plays at the end of the Western Quay, powered by the waves rushing into the pipes of a set of marble steps. Zadar beaches are another attraction where visitors can picnic, swim, or simply relax at any time of day. Every accommodation in Zadar, you will find, is often just as attractive as the streets on which they reside. Travelers who visit this charming town will be amazed at the wonderful attractions and places to stay it has to offer.

Luxury resorts are an attractive option for Zadar Croatia hotels, and visitors in the mood for the typical vacation generally gravitate towards these particular accommodations. Hotel Bastion (pictured) is a top-rated hotel in Zadar, and it is not difficult to understand why when you see the fabulous view from the balcony, not to mention the lavish furnishings and amenities.

A great deal of the luxury Zadar hotels feature dozens of services and amenities, including a spa, recreational and fitness center, business facilities, and of course, sparkling resort pools. Complimentary shuttle services are an added bonus at many of the resort hotels. While a hefty price is often included for these particular hotels, tourists can often find great deals with packages and specials offered throughout the year and reduced rates for off-season travel.

Traveling on a shoestring budget can be a difficult task, but Zadar has got both ends of the lodging spectrum covered with both association and privately-owned hostels, budget hotels, and proprietary budget accommodations. The Youth Hostel Association runs a great hostel in Zadar, and privately owned hostels and apartments can also be found throughout the city; for instance, Old Town hostel sits at the center of Old Town.

There are a great deal of family-owned Zadar hotels, including Villa Triana, where guests will find comfortable lodgings at a very comfortable price. Villa Valentina is another one of the most popular privately owned apartments, conveniently located at the heart of town near many of the luxury Zadar Croatia hotels.

There are several considerations to take into account before booking a hotel in Zadar, such as price and amenities, but it also includes the unusual factor of finding breakfast. Location, of course, is one of the key factors, and rest assured that many of the hotels have already considered that; most of them offer accessible locations near both the sea and popular sightseeing locations, and while that is not always possible, travelers can often find affordable transportation or even shuttles at the Zadar hotels.

Visitors will find an abundance of things to do in Zadar; some of them are not to be missed, especially the sea organ on the Western Quay. Zadar Croatia hotels offer a wide variety of selections and amenities. Whichever type of lodging you choose, it is sure to enhance in a very special way, the delightful experience of Zadar, and with the range of options available, you're sure to find the perfect hotel in Zadar for your Croatia vacation.

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