Zagreb Croatia

Zagreb Croatia is the pulsing center, and the capital and largest city, of the country, and travel to Zagreb is comparable to that of several of the most popular European destinations. Zagreb travel is served by several airlines, including Croatia Airlines and GermanWings. This city of museums offers an array of great opportunities for historical and modern sightseeing, cultural experiences with people and cuisine, and adventurous activities. Those planning a holiday in Zagreb should make reservations well in advance to ensure the best prices and availability, but whatever the case, visitors of this city are in for a special treat.

Amid the tumultuous past and exchange of powers throughout the history of Croatia, Zagreb has remained strong and has always been a critical city in the struggle for supremacy. Before it was a city, two Hungarian settlements occupied the area and continuously rivaled one another until they became allies in an effort to defend the site against the Turks, and it became known as Zagreb some years later, in the sixteenth century. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it nearly fell into complete ruin due to plagues and fires, but remarkably, it survived it all and once again, became a prominent center in the nineteenth century, growing rapidly in population and popularity.

Many of the larger European cities are popular retreats for vacationers, but Zagreb Croatia is steadily becoming a spirited rival for these destinations. As the largest city in Croatia, Zagreb attracts many tourists with its historical character, alluring beauty, and possibilities for adventure. Every tour of Zagreb should begin at the main square, making every major attraction within walking distance.

It is also known as the city of museums for the fact that this city holds more museums in each square mile than any other city in the world. Entrance to Croatia through Zagreb also allows for easy access to many of the other points of interest around the country, including the popular cities Split and Pula, and several islands where vacationers can book passage on ferries and sailboats. Aside from visiting other attractions, a holiday in Zagreb would prove to be among the best experiences in Croatia.

Direct flights for Zagreb travel can be found from London, Dublin, Berlin, and several other European cities. Flying into Zagreb often proves to be somewhat easier on the pocketbook, rather than booking a flight to the more popular summer destination of Dubrovnik, which can be pricey in travel and accommodations.

Zagreb hotels boast a wide variety of options for the weary traveler, from luxury to budget. Youth hostels and boutique hotels offer reasonable prices and comfortable accommodations. Luxury hotels include the Regent Esplanade, Hotel Sheraton, and The Westin. Tourists visiting Zagreb Croatia are sure to appreciate the wealth in history and culture as well as the big steps it has taken towards the modern world despite its struggles and the violence in its recent past.

Zagreb travel can prove to be among the most magical of vacations. Tour the museums, take a romantic walk with your loved one, find a new love in the arms of this magical city, or claim your adventures. Sightseeing, activities, and nightlife are a mere fraction of the experiential holiday in Zagreb, and it will most certainly be a vacation to remember for those who traverse the roads and look out on the shores.

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