Zagreb Hotels

As the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb is a wonderful place to settle in for your Mediterranean vacation. With a beautiful historic town, amazing architecture, and lovely scenery, this city has much to offer visitors of Croatia. Tourists will find scores of opportunities for sightseeing, activities, and even meeting the locals, and the city is an excellent jumping-off point for trips to other destinations such as Split, Pula, and Dubrovnik. Those looking for Zagreb accommodation will find fewer options for budget hotels than luxury, but with the gorgeous beaches and scenic vistas to historical sightseeing, visitors will surely appreciate the gifts of this key city.

Finding a budget hotel in Zagreb is not an easy task, but there are a few options that are comfortable and affordable. There is an official youth hostel in Zagreb that has recently been renovated, and travelers will find it conveniently located and quite cozy. Privately owned lodgings are scarce as well; these are more common in smaller cities.

Most of the Zagreb hotels are high standard to luxury hotels, and many world renowned chains have taken up residence in this capital city. Sheraton (pictured) and Westin are probably the leading resort hotels that many travelers are inclined to reserve for their vacation. Each of the five-star resorts offers an abundance of amenities and services, including on-site salons and pools, along with their lavish accommodations. Travel arrangements can be easily accessed at these Zagreb Croatia hotels as well; most of them offer complimentary shuttle services to different beaches and locations around town, though you can certainly get a rental car if you prefer to explore on your own.

While many of the hotels in Croatia offers reduced rates during off peak seasonal travel, visitors should know that special rates and packages are hard to come by at any Zagreb accommodation; in fact, in addition to summer rates, prices often go up during festival seasons in the springtime as well. Some of the five-star Zagreb hotels do periodically have special offers, so before making any reservations, visitors may want to check into any of those.

In addition to services and amenities as added bonuses at a Zagreb accommodation, there are other elements to consider when booking a reservation for your vacation. This may include location, travel arrangements during your stay, and even meals. While in many countries, breakfast is offered at restaurants, this is one meal that is taken in the home in Croatia, so travelers may want to confirm a complimentary breakfast or some other means of grabbing bite to eat in the morning. If you're staying at an international chain such as Sheraton, you're likely to find on-site restaurants that open for breakfast.

Location is important, but many hotels have already thought of your convenience and have situated themselves in the right place, and if that was not possible, they have arrangements to compensate. There is such an array of Zagreb hotels that you should have no trouble finding one that is located exactly where you'd like to be, whether it's close to the liveliest part of the city or in a quieter area.

Zagreb is rich in history and scenery, and it has maintained its lofty status throughout the country's tumultuous history. Finding a hotel in Zagreb can be a delightful experience, ensuring the right accommodations and amenities to suit your desires. Visitors can tour the numerous museums, take a romantic walk along the shores, enjoy in a bit of the nightlife, or visit the lush forests for a hike. Visiting Zagreb is a wonderful experience for a Croatia vacation, and visitors will discover that the choices for a hotel in Zagreb will enhance the experience all the more.

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