Cyprus is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, and this has a lot to do with its glorious beaches and its rich history. Visitors will have little trouble staying busy with many beautiful beaches, resorts, and outdoor activities available. The Cyprus attractions fall into virtually every imaginable category, and the bulk of them can be enjoyed year round. As for the beaches, they are at their liveliest during the peak summer season, whereas the island's mountains can be used for skiing and snowboarding in the winter months.

Cyprus is not only known for its divine beaches and its splendid mountains. The culture has also managed to draw a lot of attention. The country remains split between the Turkish northern region and the Greek southern region. The official split between the two sides officially occurred in 1974 with the invasion of the Turkish Army. Tension was already prevalent prior to the invasion, and it started shortly after Cyprus Island declared its Independence from Great Britain in 1960. Prior to the British period, the Ottomans controlled the island for nearly 300 years after taking it from the Venetians. The Venetians were preceded by the Genoese, the Lusignans, the Byzantines, and the Romans, to name some of the earlier cultures.

On Cyprus travel itineraries, visitors can delve into the historical side of things at archaeological sites such as the Tombs of the Kings and the ancient city of Kourion. The former can be found near the popular beach resort of Paphos, while the latter is located near the city of Limassol. The capital city of Nicosia is also home to some impressive historical attractions, as are a wide range of other Cyprus destinations. The city of Famagusta is of specific interest to the Cyprus tourist who wants to explore the country's historical and cultural aspects. Part of the city is fenced off and is essentially a ghost town, and the bulk of the city's buildings are largely left uncared for. The city's decline is directly tied to the 1974 invasion by the Turkish Army, which saw Greek Cypriots deserting town en masse.

When you travel to Cyprus, you can choose to arrive in the Turkish northern region or the Greek southern region. Both regions offer plenty for the Cyprus tourist to enjoy, including mountains, beaches, and good food. Ferries to North Cyprus depart from mainland Turkey, while cruise ships visit the southern side. Most visitors to Cyprus Island arrive by way of plane, with the airports in the southern region being the most popular. There is a smaller airport in North Cyprus, and it can be used for those who have North Cyprus holidays in mind.

Whether you arrive by boat or plane to Cyprus, a wealth of fun things to do will be at your disposal. Spending time on the beach and visiting historical attractions figure among the top things to do, and many Cyprus travel itineraries also include time in the mountains. Cyprus boasts a beautiful landscape, and travelers are rewarded for their efforts when exploring both the coastline and the highlands.

Tours of all kinds are available in Cyprus, and they highlight all the main destinations and attractions. Guided tours can be especially attractive for those who aren't familiar with Cyprus travel, as they usually take care of all the details, including transportation. The Cyprus tours can revolve around any number of destinations and activities, and they are worth keeping in mind when it comes to adding extra depth to your trip. Most visitors to Cyprus Island book a tour or a holiday package, as the options are quite complete. If nothing else, a short, guided walking tour in one of the main cities can help first-time visitors get familiar with this interesting and beautiful country.

Image: Cyprus Tourism Organization
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