Cyprus Airport Transfers

Cyprus airport transfers are easy to arrange, and many visitors to the country rely on them to get to their intended destinations once on the ground. More often than not, the companies that offer airport shuttles in Cyprus require that their passengers book ahead and pay in advance. There are some that hold off payment until the passenger is actually picked up. If your flight is delayed, the bulk of the shuttle companies will wait until you arrive, and your transfer will almost always be guaranteed as long as you book everything two or more days in advance.

Cyprus airport transfers aren't limited to shuttles, though it's hard to match the convenience and affordability that the shuttle companies provide. Travelers can always hop on a public bus or take a taxi at the country's two main airports. The buses tend to be crowded and slow, however, while the taxi lines are often long. It's important to note that some of the taxi companies allow passengers to reserve a ride in advance for an added fee, and this can help cut down on time. There are even taxi companies that offer both taxi and shuttle service, blending the two to meet any and all needs that travelers might have in terms of Cyprus airport transportation. The shuttle vans and cars that are used by the various shuttle companies are clean and air conditioned, and luxury cars are available for those who want to arrive at their intended destination in style. Extended buses can also be booked for small groups who wish to stick together.

The Larnaca International Airport is the main airport in Cyprus, and it can be found in the southern part of the country. Once air travelers arrive at the Larnaca Airport, it's just three miles to Larnaca proper, and the shuttle rates are more than agreeable. You can also arrange a Larnaca airport shuttle for trips to some of the other major destinations in the country, such as Limassol and the resort towns of Agia Napa and Protaras. Since the roads in southern Cyprus are good and the traffic is usually relatively calm, it usually doesn't take more than an hour to get to your intended destination on Cyprus airport transfers.

It is possible to take a Larnaca airport shuttle over to Paphos, though there's also the Paphos International Airport for those who prefer flying directly to the southwestern part of the country. Some excellent beaches can be found in and around Paphos, including Coral Bay, and historical sites like the Tombs of the Kings warrant a visit. Many Cyprus visitors base themselves in the Paphos area, and direct flights to the Paphos Airport can be boarded in major European and Middle Eastern cities. Airport shuttles in Cyprus are easy to arrange whether you arrive in Larnaca or Paphos, and the journey is rarely a long one thanks to the country's relatively small size.

Cyprus travelers who don't want to rent a car or rely on the other airport transportation options can always choose to book a Paphos or Larnaca airport shuttle. Leaving the driving up to someone else can be extra appealing after a long flight, especially for visitors who aren't comfortable driving on the left side of the road. Airport shuttles in Cyprus can be used for getting both to and from the country's main airports, so travelers can also rely on them when it's time to catch a departing flight. Many of the companies that offer Cyprus shuttle service can also provide travelers with transportation for other things, such as weddings and conventions.



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