Cyprus Airports

There are only two Cyprus airports that accept incoming flights from other countries. The main airport in the land is the Larnaca Airport, and it can be found just a few miles outside of Larnaca. The Paphos Airport is the country's other main airport, and as its name would imply, it can be found near the city of Paphos. As for the other airports in Cyprus, they are reserved for military purposes or remain in a state of non-use. The Nicosia International Airport, for example, has remained abandoned since the Turkish invasion in 1974. Time will tell if other Cyprus airports are opened to international flights, especially when it comes to the Ercan International Airport in North Cyprus. This airport can be found east of Nicosia, and anyone who wishes to fly here as of now will have to land in Turkey or at another Cyprus airport first.

The Larnaca Airport is an international airport, and it is also the largest and busiest airport in Cyprus. There is only one passenger terminal at this king of the Cyprus airports, and passengers arriving on flights usually use the lower level, while the upper level is reserved for departures. This is changing, as the Larnaca Airport recently opened a new terminal building, and more renovations are planned. As for transportation, those who are flying into Larnaca can get to their hotel or vacation rental by way of rental car, taxi, or shuttle bus. The shuttle buses not only travel to the city of Larnaca. They also offer other routes, with nearly 30 daily trips being offered between the airport and Nicosia.

The Paphos Airport, much like the airport in Larnaca, recently benefitted from multi-million dollar renovations. This second-largest of the Cyprus airports is primarily used by tourists who are arriving on charter flights from Europe and the Middle East. Those who plan on basing themselves in southwest Cyprus destinations such as Paphos, Limassol, and Coral Bay, flying to the Paphos Airport can help cut down on time in terms of ground transportation. Much like the Larnaca Airport, the airport in Paphos boasts an ample amount of amenities for travelers to enjoy, including a gift shop, a duty free shop, rental car desks, a help desk, restaurants, and bars. In addition to renting a car, those who need ground transportation at the Paphos Airport can also take a taxi or hop on a cheaper bus.

Most Cyprus visitors arrive on flights, though it is important to note that cruise ships visit this island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. Ferries are available as well for those who are planning on arriving by sea. If you want to hop on a ferry to North Cyprus, you will most likely have to do so in Turkey. As for the Greek-oriented southern side of Cyprus, it's where the bulk of the Cyprus cruises arrive. Limassol is the main ferry and cruise ship port in the south, while both Famagusta and Kyrenia are the North Cyprus ports of call for ferries that travel between this region and mainland Turkey.

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