All Inclusive Holidays to Cyprus

All inclusive holidays to Cyprus are very popular, particularly among residents of mainland Europe. The UK is one of the best places to arrange an all inclusive vacation to Cyprus, as the choices are varied and many. U.S. travelers can also book an all inclusive Cyprus getaway if they please, as the options are constantly increasing. The all inclusive holiday packages to this sunny Mediterranean island will always include your accommodations, and some even go as far as to provide airfare and various other aspects of your trip. If you aren't interested in booking a more complete travel package that includes these things, then you can always choose to simply book a stay at one of the Cyprus all inclusive resorts.

The all inclusive resorts in Cyprus are numerous, and they allow visitors to enjoy a truly stress-free travel experience. Once you pay the upfront fee at one of the Cyprus all inclusive resorts, you can essentially put your wallet away, as your meals, beverages, activities, entertainment, and accommodations will all be covered. When searching for an all inclusive resort in Cyprus, the Paphos hotels are a good place to start, with the Coral Beach Hotel & Resort being just one of the many options. This five-star resort overlooks the beaches of Coral Bay, and the facilities are plentiful. The Limassol hotels and Larnaca hotels also include some good all inclusive establishments. In Limassol, the family of Atlantica brand hotels are some of the most attractive, while the coast along Larnaca Bay is home to enticing all inclusive hotels like the recently renovated Sandy Beach Hotel.

The bulk of the Cyprus all inclusive resorts, whether they be found in Paphos or Protaras, are either five- or four-star establishments. Some of the four-star hotels offer very good rates, as is the case at the Kefalos Beach Tourist Village in Paphos. Much like the more expensive all inclusive resorts, the Kefalos Beach Tourist Village has an array of facilities, including three swimming pools, a tennis court, a beach volleyball court, and a play area for the little ones. A collection of bars and restaurants can also be found at the Cyprus all inclusive resorts, and it's no different at the Kefalos Beach Tourist Village.

When it comes to planning an all inclusive vacation to Cyprus, you can include more than just your accommodations if you please. Often times, it's also possible to include your flight in an all inclusive package, not to mention your rental car or airport shuttle. Travelers who wish to enjoy all inclusive holidays to Cyprus might also hope to include a tour or two on the itinerary, or maybe a special side activity. Tours of archaeological sites such as the Tombs of the Kings and the ruins at Kourion can sometimes be added to the all inclusive agenda. Other things that you might consider include scuba diving adventures in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea and hiking excursions in the scenic Cyprus mountains.

All inclusive holidays to Cyprus are ideal when relaxation is in order, and since the country is full of great attractions, there will be more to do than just lounge around on an idyllic beach. It's not hard to stay busy on an all inclusive vacation to Cyprus, though doing little more than lounging on a beach is understandable.

It's worth noting that an all inclusive trip to Cyprus can include other destinations as well. Cyprus cruises, for example, are all inclusive as well, and they usually stop at any number of Mediterranean and European ports. On a typical Cyprus cruise, you might also visit ports in countries such as Spain, Italy, Turkey, Israel, and Egypt.

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